Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Little is known about Monarchy, but they emerge onto the scene with an absolute killer debut track, masterful art direction and an air of mystery about them that's quickly making them the talk of the town. There's been rampant speculation as to the identity of the musicians involved, but the only rumor I can confirm or deny with any certainty is that sadly it's not Starsmith and I at the helm of this disco starship.

Their debut offering "Gold In The Fire" comes off like the halfway point between the cosmic soul of Magistrates and an even more disco-centric Friendly Fires, a beautifully-crafted slice of polished dance pop that's already causing quite a stir on the blogs. Keep an eye on this space for more info as it breaks, but for now get your download on below and lose yourself in the mysterious pop brilliance of this exciting new London outfit.

MP3: "Gold In The Fire" (Demo) - Monarchy


Anonymous said...

Fucking brilliant. Shame it's not you. Would love to try and play this on the radio station i'm doing a work trial at, but i think the section of retarded Scouse chavs who make up the majority of listeners would complain over us not playing sodding Pixie Lott and Black Eyed Peas.

Oh, and there's a 2nd 'u' in 'rumour' ;-) Bloody yanks.

Paul x

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's a Paul Epworth side project.

Anonymous said...

managed by CEC... side project of one of their bands.. FACT