Friday, August 13, 2010


We were out of the game for a minute there at Lollapalooza, and during our absence our boy Samuel released his debut video for "I Heart NY", and while we're kind of late to the party we've still got to show it some love because it's kind of really fucking great. It's a creative treatment executed flawlessly and shot beautifully by director Austin Peters, in which our hero cruises through his hometown on the back of a garbage truck driven by our dudes The Knocks, who wrote and produced the track with Samuel. And since we already dropped the mp3 of "I Heart NY" on the blog last month you can get at another burner from Sam's forthcoming debut album Trains To Wanderland called "Champagne Kisses" below. Gets you ready for the weekend and then some.

MP3: "Champagne Kisses" - Samuel

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