Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Mr. Little Jeans has been laying low for a minute as she writes and records her debut album, but this week she checked in with a seriously special treat for y'all. It's no secret that homegirl's skilled in the delicate art of the cover song, but she's truly outdone herself with this haunting rendition of Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs". Taking the original by the horns and reworking it into a whole new beast that's entirely her own, the pint-sized Norwegian wonder drops a truly masterful interpretation of a track that we'd have previously told you was pretty much untouchable in its original form. Gone is the vaudevillian piano that defined the original; in its place, industrial synth dirges and percussive electronic beats flow like molasses, as eerie synthetic strings drift in and out of the mix and Mr. Lil's whispered vocals hang like heaven over everything, an ominous specter warning of the dark tensions that lie beyond the white picket fence. The perfect update to the Arcade Fire original, it's dark, haunting and a little bit amazing.

MP3: "The Suburbs" - Mr. Little Jeans


Anonymous said...

This is fucking awesome.

Anonymous said...

This song is amazing...I am addicted to it