Thursday, May 26, 2011


Last summer we released The Knocks' "Make It Better" with a super retro "original version" called "When You've Got Music" on the B-side, as if it was the vocal they sampled on "Make It Better" even though it was written after the fact. It was a kind of a genius reverse sample of sorts, and it became the inspiration for this year's Same Old Songs EP, but now things have come full circle as our dude Xaphoon Jones samples "When You've Got Music" on the first cut from Chiddy Bang's upcoming Peanut Butter & Swelly mixtape. It's business as usual for Xaph, murdering it on the beat as always, but Chiddy himself is in rare form here as he absolutely bodies the verses with one of his best showings in ages.

MP3: "When You've Got Music" (ft. The Knocks) - Chiddy Bang

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