Monday, August 8, 2011


Today marks the release date of our brand new single with Newcastle's Polarsets (available for purchase from the Neon Gold Shop HERE), and to celebrate we've got a special remix exclusive in the first ever rework from massively hyped Scotland pop hopefuls Midnight Lion. Hard at work on a tropical island not far from where Polarsets' original “Morning” was born, the Glaswegian natives were busy cooking up this remix over their bonfire, Lord of the Flies-style.

The beginning feels like the moments immediately preceding a force majeure rainstorm, as the fog settles and you struggle to make out familiar shapes on the horizon. You hear Rob Howe’s voice dragged through the sand with loops and layers, as Midnight Lion trade cowbells for handclaps and more tribal beats. The final minute and a half evolves into an uplifting triumph of epic hero montage music - the kind of stuff Michael Bay trailer dreams are made of, only with loads more substance. This year's already seen no shortage of lessons in the art of the life affirming remix from our partners-in-crime Captain Cuts and Xaphoon Jones, and if this is anything to go by, Midnight Lion have been taking note. Consider this the next chapter then.

MP3: "Morning" (Midnight Lion Remix) - Polarsets [exclusive]

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