Tuesday, August 9, 2011


And so the Year of the Captain continues. What began as an official remix for Beyonce's ladies night anthem "Girls" quickly turned into a whole new beast once Captain Cuts introduced it to the Beastie Boys' classic of the same name, and my how these "Girls" play nicely together.

Leaving the traditional major label remix approach in the rearview, the Captains take a detour and go the mash up route, replaying the Beasties' parts themselves to fit Beyonce's vocal as if they were expert tailors of the dancefloor, working around the clock in the name of the beat. The end result is a work of staggering remix genius, as the Captains prove once again that they're operating on a whole different level from just about everyone else in the remix game. "Girls On Girls" - as it's called - is the first taste of many amazing things to come on Captain Cuts' debut mixtape, titled This Is Your Captain Speaking and coming at you later this month. Watch this space, you won't want to miss this.

MP3: "Girls On Girls" (Captain Cuts Remix) - Beyonce + Beastie Boys [exclusive]

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