Wednesday, August 10, 2011


You probably already know this, but Alex Winston is one in a million. Part chanteuse, part dreamboat, Winnie is a full-bodied glass of water with a soprano that washes over you with effortless resolve. Enter Andre Anjos of RAC, who takes her new single "Velvet Elvis" to town, buys it a new dress, and turns it into (sister) wife material. With a flick of his magic wand and a soft trumpet proclamation, RAC lights the track up with spritely string plucks and a wistful keys progression that sounds like the precocious younger cousin of Avicii's "Penguin". The chugging locomotive drumline of the original is replaced by rollicking top-of-the-morning percussion that gains energy and momentum with each passing refrain. Perhaps the best Winston remix yet, consider this another trophy on the shelf for Anjos and the RAC crew. Grab the remix below and check her video over on Beyond Gold now, it's a keeper.

MP3: "Velvet Elvis" (RAC Remix) - Alex Winston

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