Monday, September 19, 2011


We've talked up St. Lucia quite a bit ever since we first laid ears on "The Old House Is Gone" at the onset of the summer sun, and now their impeccable debut EP looks set to keep the fire burning well into autumn. Now that summer's unwittingly winding down, HeavyRoc's resident partystarters The Knocks have gone and remixed "Old House" into a segue banger that immediately transports you back to the endless summers of young love and all night beach parties for those not quite ready to let go just yet.

On what's possibly their finest remix to date, B-Roc and JPatt have painted a pretty trippy picture of Ibiza on Saturn, where everyday you party like you're ringing in a new year. They beef up the original arpeggio with some meaty bass and stacks on stacks of balearic synths, transforming St. Lucia's single version from blissed-out summer staple to club-ready floorfiller. St. Lucia may have laid down the architectural foundation, but The Knocks are the swagged out interior designers that arrive on the scene to upgrade this old house to full on crib status.

MP3: "The Old House Is Gone" (The Knocks Remix) - St. Lucia [exclusive]

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HD-Flexo said...

Wow, thats awesome - can't get enough of this track