Tuesday, September 20, 2011


As a band from the heart of hurricane-prone south Florida, ANR have put their homegrown survival instinct to use in the force majeure video for our latest release, "It's Around You", which was fittingly conceptualized during Hurricane Irene. This cinematic work of art from the brilliant minds of Jillian Meyer and Lucas Leyva contextualizes the various layers of the track by juxtaposing piercing images of frantic swimmers with human cyclones and interpretative dancers. The visual accompaniment successfully makes natural disasters seem more human and bodily movements more fluid in the interlocking ebb and flow of life.

Meyer and Leyva (of Miami's prolific Borscht collective) are also responsible for the hauntingly spot-on music video for ANR's "Big Problem", which launched ANR into the national consciousness earlier this year. While the original song was already an apocalyptic pop gem in its own right, the acoustic version - an extra from the deluxe edition of ANR's masterful Stay Kids LP - is a lush orchestral masterstroke, complete with an elegiac string section that softly hums over the unthreatening strums-and-drums combo. It's an incredible change of pace that's perfect for all those lazy mornings following long nights, and we've got an exclusive premiere of this beautifully raw reimagining for your listening pleasure below.

MP3: "Big Problem" (Acoustic) - ANR [exclusive]

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