Tuesday, September 20, 2011


It's been amazing how quickly Foster The People have gone from next big thing to biggest new band in the world, and equally amazing how many remixes they've picked up along the way. We've heard and acknowledged the universal collective groan whenever a new "Pumped Up Kicks" mix is pumped and dumped - mainly because the Captain Cuts effort is impossible to top right? - so to avoid any more "Pumped Up" remix fatigue, we've got something completely different for y'all.

Enter Lenno, the 16-year old envoy for Finland's underexposed club scene. From start to finnish, Lenno blows the lid off "Helena Beat" with an entourage of lush key arrangements, nu-disco beats, and ziplining electronic flourishes. The chorus is still intact alright, with a growing synth growl that ultimately leads to a drop that literally lasts for two minutes of bliss. Whoever decided to include Lenno in the official Foster remix bundle on Spotify clearly made a great Neon Gold-approved life choice. The stream's been circulating the blogs for a minute now, but the powers that be have given us the go ahead to share the HQ mp3 as an exclusive download below. Move over Madeon, Lenno is the new kid on the blog.

MP3: "Helena Beat" (Lenno Remix) - Foster The People [exclusive]

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Gen said...

From start to finnish? CHUCKLE.