Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Emerging from the mists of pop like an old friend, Sons & Lovers arrive unannounced as a fully realized force to be reckoned with on the UK music landscape. Their triumphant debut single "Set My Heart On Fire" immediately captures your attention by weaving together an impeccable vocal melody with beautifully textured guitars, a sound at once comfortingly familiar and refreshing. Coming correct with the kind of effortlessly anthemic songwriting most bands would kill for, the two piece start things off slow, before softly escalating synths and cymbal crashes give way to mountains of drums and epic group vocals that carry the song to its conclusion with an oceansized sense of purpose and emotional gravity. Even in demo form this is sync gold, the kind of song Radio 1 dreams are made of. So what are you waiting for? Sons & Lovers have already arrived.

MP3: "Set My Heart On Fire" - Sons & Lovers [exclusive]

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