Monday, October 3, 2011


Marina Diamandis - or Marina & The Diamonds as she's known on the streets - has always held a special place in our hearts as the original matriarch of the Neon Gold (nuclear) family, and we couldn't be more excited to watch her take things to an insane new level on her forthcoming second album. But first today sees the long-awaited release of on one-off single "Radioactive" (on UK iTunes now), lighting up the night sky with the type of sound Top 40 dreams are made of, all the while remaining a quintessential Marina song at it's core.

Nowhere is this more evident than on the emotive acoustic version, as the superclub production (massive electro beats, heavy drops, etc) is stripped away and the raw emotion of Marina's songwriting is laid bare in the spotlight. Wearing her heart on her flowing sleeves and attacking your heartstrings with strong piano jabs and vocal uppercuts a la "Obsessions", the acoustic version teases you along, holding your hand as it leads you into that shadowy suburban cul de sac of a chorus. We'd be remiss not to highlight and embrace the epic Neon Gold shoutout that wakes up the breakdown in the middle eight, but even without that this is an absolute knockout.

MP3: "Radioactive" (Acoustic Version) - Marina & The Diamonds

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