Wednesday, October 26, 2011


As residents of the rage haven that is New York City, we've had our fair share of gripes about the concrete jungle and its dehumanizing tendencies, but we've also found the silver lining in the form of honest, homegrown pop duos like Ghost Beach. While their debut single "Empty Streets" isn't the most lyrically optimistic, there's a certain magnetism that appeals to our soft inner core that ultimately manifests itself in an overwhelming pop radiance. It's more cathartic than depressing, maybe because it sounds like a post-punk Passion Pit, all skyscraping synth lines with the jilted lover's vocals expertly oscillating between solid ground and high-flying falsetto breaks with athletic ease. It's the kind of thing that leaves you feeling like a modern Peter Pan, with both your shadow and your youth intact.

We're also fans of their very Instagram-ready video (above) that lets you keep your head in the clouds and daydream away. The pacing is brilliant, with the treading shiny shoes and the gradual reveal of the female anti-hero delving into the wild, for some quality alone time. It's like post-breakup, when the pros eventually outweigh the cons - even if it's just in your head - and the self-deprecation turns into a mature, blissed-out feeling of independence. We have to admit, dancing on your own with a glass of wine, sparklers, confetti, and balloons usually does do the trick for temporary healing. Let "Empty Streets" take you over, then mark your calendars for December 1st when Ghost Beach will make their live debut on the Popshop stage, kicking off a celebration for the ages as the first year of Popshop NYC comes to a close in style.

MP3: "Empty Streets" - Ghost Beach

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