Thursday, October 27, 2011


Citizens are a fresh new four-piece hailing from stormy London who seem to have it all figured out already. Let's just say their masterful debut single, "True Romance", is a breath of sunshine-spiked air in an otherwise overcrowded pop landscape. With a simple backbone of a drum beat and peppy piano chords, the instrumental bounces along with a childlike naivete that sounds like All Time Quarterback growing up before your very eyes. It all seems innocent enough until frontman, Matt West's Hot Chip-y vocals sweep you off your feet and steal you away from the droll life you once had, in the best runaway imaginable. Things get real at the chorus, as that persistent "true romance" refrain serves to underscore the tragic darkness that lies beneath the whimsical xylophones, refocusing everything on the ambivalent ultimatum of West's dissonant singing. Citizens then manage to harness the raw, unbridled energy of other young prodigies like Reptar and Is Tropical, to magically conjure up a happy ending when it seems like all hope is lost. This is one incredibly infectious tune, full stop.

MP3: "True Romance" - CITIZENS!

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