Wednesday, November 30, 2011


New York, we love you and we're bringing you downtown. This Thursday, we really pulled out all the stops to end the year with a bang, and we'll hope you'll come out and celebrate with us. For proof of the mayhem in the Lower East Side that has become known as Popshop, above is some footage we managed to salvage from the dark depths of last month's summit. You'll notice some toothy grins, familiar faces, and hands in the air. You'll probably also notice the video converting to 3D halfway, courtesy of the visionaries at Jackpot in the West. All set to St. Lucia? The only thing better would be to experience the magic yourself, which you can and should do tomorrow night at Tammany Hall.

We've got another installment of our Popshop Radio series from The Knocks to whet your appetite before tomorrow's festivities and this might just be our best one to date. Keep your ears peeled for our favorite cuts from Ghost Beach, Emil & Friends, and Xylos and two absolutely massive remixes from Teachers and Xaphoon Jones. Closing out the hit parade is Clock Opera's dream-come-true remix of Feist and, last but certainly not least, the latest single from our newest obsession, Charli XCX. Shall we remind you of the hour-long Absolut open bar and FREE entry ticket with an email to We shall.

1. "Monster (Teachers Remix)" - Kanye West
2. "First Time" - Ghost Beach
3. "Dreamers (Xaphoon Jones Remix)" - Savoir Adore
4. "Crystal Ball" - Emil & Friends
5. "Summer Song" - Xylos
6. "How Come You Never Go There (Clock Opera Remix)" - Feist
7. "Nuclear Seasons" - Charli XCX

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What's the song in the vid?