Thursday, December 1, 2011


Ghost Beach are about to rock you like a natural disaster. Their debut single "Empty Streets" was a comforting sound that kindled something familiar and visceral in our hearts, and although their newest cut "First Time" follows a much different formula, it still has a certain sonic resonance that builds a Portishead-shaped home in your head with reckless precision. Josh Ocean's disaffected vocals lead a supercharged army of swashbuckling synths towards an absolute whirlpool of a breakdown, filled to the brim with a Marty McFly-level solo shred. We have only the highest expectations for Ghost Beach's live debut tonight as they take us tonight for the first time at Popshop. It's all going down at Tammany Hall with an open bar from 8pm-9pm. To gain access to FREE drinks and FREE vibes all night, you know what to do:

MP3: "First Time" - Ghost Beach [exclusive]


Anonymous said...

This is song is sick!

Zachary said...

how is it possible to consistently post so much awesome music