Tuesday, January 3, 2012


New year, new interns. Our first call for interns yielded two of the best dudes the intern game has ever seen, so we won't tinker with the recipe any and will just direct any interested parties to the overview and application below:

Calling all interns. Neon Gold is looking for a few new superstars in the making to come live the dream with us at Neon Gold HQ this spring and summer. As we are a small operation (there's two of us), this will be a very hands-on internship experience both in and out of the office. There will be some boring stuff. But there will also be a lot of awesome stuff, we promise. We are seeking interns for 4-8 week internships, and any interested parties would need to be available to work out of our NYC headquarters near Union Square in downtown Manhattan. Desk space will be provided, though interns will need access to their own laptops for daily use in the office.

Applicants should be responsible, organized, personable and most of all, hungry. You're going to be on the front lines with us fighting the good fight, getting that real life experience you can only learn in the streets. Or something like that.

As an intern your responsibilities will include (but won't be limited to): maintaining and updating social networks, assisting with promotional and marketing materials, coordinating events and assisting with our monthly Popshop club night, helping out on a number of top secret but extremely exciting new ventures we've got in the works, and most importantly, keeping it real.

Still with us? Still interested? We'll be conducting interviews over the next few weeks with those applicants we feel are the most qualified and impressive candidates, so fill out this awesome application below and email it back to us at intern@neongoldrecords.com.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I came to read about new music and I bombarded with this? Find another section of your blog to post this.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha what unnecessary hate for something that literally effects your life zero percent, chill