Monday, January 2, 2012


This is the new year, and if you don't feel any different, we've got a brand new band to soundtrack your first weekday of 2012. Midi Matilda, a duo from San Francisco, are the party responsible for "Day Dreams", a silver lining pop song that combines the very best parts of Wolf Gang and Foster The People. Without a moment to spare, you're swept away by the colossal piano progression and reverb-blessed vocals, which pave the way for schizophrenic guitars and elegiac oohs to fly on by. As Midi Matilda effortlessly flip the falsetto switch that lights up the chandelier in the sky, it's the golden trumpet refrain that re-awakens latent feelings and allows you to fully escape into that everlasting reverie where your dreams are just that much more tangible.

MP3: "Day Dreams" - Midi Matilda

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME TRACK! The music video can be seen here!!