Monday, February 27, 2012


Our Fort Lean 7" drops tomorrow, and we're stoked to be unleashing their first physical release into the world together with our dudes at Black Bell Records. We already shared our thoughts on the escapist pleasures of A-side "Sunsick", but flipside stunner "Precinct" is a slow-burning lament that lights the way and then ashes on your expectations. Keenan Mitchell's arresting vocals bay at the rising moon and drift towards classic rock guitars that curl up like a shadowy come-hither. Once the drums crash and the four corners cave in, you know this is the triumphant jailbreak scene. Without a shred of doubt in our mind, Fort Lean are the best new rock outfit in NYC by miles, so get your order of the single from the Neon Gold Shop in HERE. Oh yeah, and if you're in New York tomorrow, we're properly celebrating with a single release blowout at our new haven of rage, Santos Party House. Tickets are HERE, doors are at 8pm, see y'all there?

MP3: "The Precinct" - Fort Lean [exclusive]

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