Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It's been a minute since we last heard from Manchester's The Kill Van Kulls, but they've been hard at work further honing their epic noir-pop for their debut EP, Songs For Sinners, announced last month alongside new single "Impossible Man" (video above). Good news for all though, the new material is just a hair's breadth from achieving new wave perfection, cementing the four-piece as a band to keep an eye on for 2012 and beyond.

Although our favorite cut from the EP, "Shame & Pride," may sound like Keira Knightley's next Oscar-baiting film on paper, it's actually the soundtrack to an emotional rollercoaster of reckless hedonism that we can fully get on board with. With the swagger of Friendly Fires and a glint of M83 in their starry eyes, The Kullers command a Bowie-in-space bassline and an immensely atmospheric guitar riff that will firmly entrench itself in your consciousness in no time at all.

MP3: "Shame & Pride" - The Kill Van Kulls [exclusive]

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Zachary said...

Wow, great tune.