Friday, April 20, 2012


Cinco de Mayo is coming up fast, and what better way to celebrate than with the best unsigned band in all the land and two of the greatest rock 'n roll outfits Brooklyn's seen in years. Yeah, we're doing it up right this year and throwing down big style with our number one lady homies HAIM, hot on the heels of their NYC debut at Popshop two nights prior. And helping them tear the roof off Glasslands will be Passion Pit's own Arab Elvis, Ayad Al Adhamy, and his shit hot new band Team Spirit, plus our resident guitar heroes in Workout - the self-proclaimed #1 party band in New York - getting things started early. We'll have drink specials, good times, and poor life choices aplenty, so come out for this very special, very rare chance to throw down Neon Gold style on a Saturday night with no need to call in sick the next day. Advance tickets are available now for $10 HERE or $12 day of show, let's go New York.

DOWNLOAD: "Forever" - HAIM

STREAM: "Fuck The Beach" - Team Spirit

STREAM: "I Wanna Die With You" - Workout

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