Thursday, April 19, 2012


Swim Deep are a new Birmingham trio injecting a heavy dose of acid-bleached grunge into the UK pop scene. Though debut single "King City" lacks most of the hallmarks of our usual taste, there's a magnetic quality to the songwriting and melodies that's had it stuck on repeat around Neon Gold HQ for months now. With an expansive instrumental that recalls the more uplifiting moments of Arcade Fire's Funeral (SEE: the driving guitars of "Rebellion" or the addictive oohs of "Haiti"), the original is one of the more impressive debuts of the year.

Out May 14th on Chess Club, the single comes with an impressive remix package in tow, with London's newest remixers du jour, II Figures, lending their royal treatment to "King City" on one of their best mixes yet. Keeping the blueprint of the original largely intact, Figures gently drape it in a tapestry of tessellating synths spread neatly across thin gasps of air. Heavenly electronic bodies twinkle high above cold-blooded Wolf Gang piano stabs and gentle Coldplay guitars, before the chorus finally puffs its chest, swoops down, and delivers the coup de grace.

MP3: "King City (II Figures Remix)" - Swim Deep [exclusive]

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