Thursday, May 23, 2013


We have endless love for HAERTS here at Neon Gold, but of course you already knew that. It's hard to believe it's been over six months since the international collective first unveiled "Wings" (officially released last month on Neon Gold / Columbia), and the Brooklyn five piece have since soared to impossible heights on the back of that one debut single.

Today, they arrive at long last with their hotly-anticipated follow up in "All The Days", the first HAERTS demo that St. Lucia ever sent to us in late 2011 and the one that started this whole whirlwind love affair in the first place. As the vindictive bassline grooves its way into your heart, Nini's celestial voice captivates like a powerful hypnosis, while the iridescent keys shimmer like a hot-wired synesthesia of summer steam and stormy electrics. Already shining on the road as the rousing finale of their live set, it's quite possibly our favorite HAERTS track in existence, and it's with boundless excitement that we share it with you today.

STREAM: "All The Days" - HAERTS

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