Friday, October 30, 2009


We've shown our main man Penguin Prison no shortage of love in these pages over the past few months, and now it's time to bring his masterful debut single into the world on Neon Gold. Another stellar double A-side release, we already unveiled the sterling lead track "Animal Animal" in September, and now we've got the equally brilliant AA-side "A Funny Thing" for your downloading pleasure. "Animal Animal" shined in the late summer sun as a bubbly cut of carefree pop effervescence, but "Funny Thing" doesn't waste any time giving you the business, all driving, churning synths and a huge chorus that stands out as his finest pop moment yet. Big stuff, people.

MP3: "A Funny Thing" - Penguin Prison [expired]

It's been amazing to see the reception Penguin's already gotten on UK radio, with fervent support coming from Radio 1, XFM and NME Radio for both tracks. The single's out November 23rd and comes sporting another beautiful round of cover artwork from the lovely and amazing FRAU GRAU, and will be available as usual from the Neon Gold Shop in the US and at Puregroove for our international customers. With remixes for both tracks coming in from The Sound of Arrows, Monarchy, Jakwob and more, this is sure to be an immensely popular release, so drop down and get your order on before it's too late.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This is big news. Fyfe Dangerfield, ringleader of one of our favorite bands of all time, Guillemots, is back and better than ever with his first ever solo album, Fly Yellow Moon, due in early 2010. We were lucky enough to receive an advance copy a few months back and it's really all we've been spinning since - it's quite literally nothing short of amazing. "When You Walk In The Room" is the first track on the record and it's an absolute belter, exactly the kind of thing you'd hope for from a Fyfe Dangerfield solo record. Fyfe's in rare form here, his off-the-wall vocals riding a spastic beat and cacophonous guitars for 3 minutes and 28 seconds of leftfield pop perfection.

Fly Yellow Moon
is a streamlined pop masterpiece with a number of tracks on par with anything off of Through The Windowpane (truly one of our most cherished records of all time), and anyone seeking more evidence needn't look further than Fyfe's beautiful new website, where you can stream some of the other album highlights. Tracks on the streaming player include "She Needs Me" - which comes off like a number one hit from a bygone era, complete with disco strings and immense brass sections - and "Livewire", a sparse acoustic number that's genuinely one of the most beautiful songs we've ever heard. To say we're excited about this record would be a vast, vast understatement. Here's your exclusive first taste.

MP3: "When You Walk In The Room" - Fyfe Dangerfield [exclusive]

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Wolf Gang first made waves with their brilliant Pieces of You 7" (of which we still have a few final copies remaining in the Neon Gold Shop) last June, and now they're stepping out with an immense follow up on newly-minted Manchester imprint Hit Club next month. "The King and All of His Men" was the first track we ever heard out of the Wolf Gang camp and it remains one of the very best, with London up-and-comer Blue May turning in an top class production job that manages retain the rough charm of "Pieces of You" while simultaneously elevating their sound to new levels of pop perfection. Wolf Gang ringleader Max McElligott absolutely kills it on the track (look no further than those infectious "ooh-ooh-ooh-oohs") and with their forthcoming debut album in the pipeline and a seemingly endless repertoire of choice tunes to draw from, you can rest assured that this is an act that's going to go very, very far in 2010. Exclusive first listen below.

MP3: "The King and All of His Men" - Wolf Gang [exclusive]

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We've done our best to get Marina & The Diamonds ready for the worldwide superstardom that no doubt awaits her, but after two indie singles on Neon Gold it's time to watch homegirl step out into the world with her major label debut under the watchful eye of Atlantic. The single's a familiar favorite, "Mowgli's Road", which fans will remember as the thunderstealing B-side to last February's sold out Obsessions 7". The new and improved single version will be out November 16th, the first step on what will no doubt be a rapid ascent to fame for Ms. Diamond. We're mighty proud to have helped her along thus far, and we hope you'll continue to show your support as she takes the leap to the next level.

We've done our part, advising on the remix side of things on this release, with the fruits of our labor emerging as two rather brilliant (if we do say so ourselves) from Mille and Russ Chimes. Mille's remix is Marina's personal favorite she's ever received, while Russ' mix is just monstrously huge with a drop that is downright earthshattering. There's even a rave whistle, shit is FOR REAL. Seriously, they're both balls-out amazing. Enjoy.

MP3: "Mowgli's Road" (Mille Remix) - Marina & The Diamonds [exclusive]
MP3: "Mowgli's Road" (Russ Chimes Remix) - Marina & The Diamonds

Friday, October 16, 2009


Correction: this is going to be bigger than big. We've teamed up with Chess Club and to put on what we hope to be one of the biggest parties of CMJ next week when we take over Santo's Party House (our favorite NYC venue) from 3pm-10pm Friday the 23rd. Two stages, 11 bands, drink specials galore, fresh DJ's, there's quite literally nothing more you could really ask for. Be there. Advance tickets are available now for $10, or cop yours for $12 on the door. Shit is about to get REALLY real.


5:00pm: Alessi's Ark // MP3: "Simple Man"
6:00pm: Chief // MP3: "Mighty Proud"
7:00pm: Yes Giantess // MP3: "Tuff N Stuff"
8:00pm: Local Natives // MP3: "Airplanes"
9:00pm: Theophilus London // MP3: "Sandcastles" (Black x Blue)

3:30pm: (The) Tony Castles // MP3: "Pirates"
4:30pm: Darwin Deez // MP3: "Bad Day" [expired]
5:30pm: Evan Voytas // MP3: "Getting Higher"
6:30pm: Body Language // MP3: "Huffy Ten Speed"
7:30pm: Baby Monster // MP3: "Curses"
8:30pm: Boy Crisis // MP3: "Dressed To Digress" (Demo)

Presale tickets are available HERE. Don't sleep, we're expecting a serious turn out for this one.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Little is known about Monarchy, but they emerge onto the scene with an absolute killer debut track, masterful art direction and an air of mystery about them that's quickly making them the talk of the town. There's been rampant speculation as to the identity of the musicians involved, but the only rumor I can confirm or deny with any certainty is that sadly it's not Starsmith and I at the helm of this disco starship.

Their debut offering "Gold In The Fire" comes off like the halfway point between the cosmic soul of Magistrates and an even more disco-centric Friendly Fires, a beautifully-crafted slice of polished dance pop that's already causing quite a stir on the blogs. Keep an eye on this space for more info as it breaks, but for now get your download on below and lose yourself in the mysterious pop brilliance of this exciting new London outfit.

MP3: "Gold In The Fire" (Demo) - Monarchy

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Stop the presses, this is BIG. We've been hailing Ellie Goulding as the second coming since she first skipped onto our radar last year, and now at long last it's time to bring her first ever proper single into the world as a very special milestone 10th release on Neon Gold. The teaser clip of "Under The Sheets" has already racked up nearly 15,000 views on YouTube and countless yearning requests for the unveiling of the full track, and now the time has finally come. Ellie delivers another killer vocal with some of her best verses yet, and Starsmith turns in one of the absolute top production efforts of the year behind the knobs. The result is nothing short of amazing, a serious coming out party for two artists who will surely be owning the pop game for months to come. But enough breathless gushing from us, we'll let the track speak for its self. The tease is over, this shit is for real.

MP3: "Under The Sheets" - Ellie Goulding [exclusive]

Out on November 9th, it's available for preorder now from the usual suspects at Puregroove and in the Neon Gold Shop. We've also put together a big remix package for this one, with reworks coming in from the likes of Jakwob, Baby Monster, Theophilus London and more.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Freelance Whales are like Arcade Fire for your little sister, only your little sister is in college now and she's actually pretty cool and has tons of hot friends. Their excellent debut album Weathervanes is all stirring nostalgia for the effervescence of youth and tracks like bookend album highlights "Generator ^ First Floor" and "Generator ^ Second Floor" sound like that simultaneously beautiful and tragic moment you realize that shit, lil' sis might actually be cooler than you are.

MP3: "Generator ^ First Floor" - Freelance Whales
MP3: "Generator ^ Second Floor" - Freelance Whales


Have a sip, it goes down a treat.

MP3: "Horchata" - Vampire Weekend