Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hot on the heels of a brilliant rework for The Good Natured, it looks like Crystal Fighters have picked up the phone and found their calling as remix connoisseurs. Their latest is a tribal balearic rework of Alex Winston's "Velvet Elvis", previously remixed to bits by RAC in another seriously winning effort. The jubilant London five piece uproot the rustic leftfield pop of the original and ship it off to some faraway tropics to get some color, blowing over the vocals with just the right amount of dicey echoes and hums while going hammer on the wind chimes and shakers throughout. And by the time the synths wash over the chorus and fall back into the rhythm of the second verse, you half expect to taste that salty seaside air and feel the sand between your toes. Good stuff, this.

MP3: "Velvet Elvis" (Crystal Fighters Remix) - Alex Winston

Monday, September 26, 2011


When you think of sprightly indie pop gems, Brussels usually doesn't rush to mind as an A&R goldmine. But all that's in the past. After close to two years of recording and mastering, Great Mountain Fire have dropped their debut album and with it, the shiniest debut single we've heard in a minute in "Late Lights". Like a plot device, the unassuming whistle flutters innocently about, distracting you from an epic bassline that you're about to get real familiar with over the next three minutes. Without hesitation, Great Mountain Fire let loose with a vocal attack from frontman Thomas de Hemptinne that quickly brings to mind that of another Thomas of the same native tongue. His delivery accents the track with an ethereal serenade that often breaks character to go falsetto over masterful instrumentation that, with each listen, only further reminds us of It's Never Been Like That-era Phoenix.

As soon as the second verse and pre-chorus wraps and warms you up, respectively, the chorus unfurls its magnificent wings and takes off, armed to the teeth with a choppy guitar riff and a conniving, unrelenting bassline. Then it's that charming flute whistle that returns to the scene like a welcome pick-me-up and you're airborne, with each passing line delivered like a match striking over and over until, at last, it catches on and the band lives up to their name. Great Mountain FUEGO.

MP3: "Late Lights" - Great Mountain Fire [exclusive]

Thursday, September 22, 2011


So there's a new thing. It's called Neon Gold TV, and it'll be coming your way next month as the latest expansion of our lil' empire with a launch party popping off September 28th at Tammany Hall, because the only thing we love more than new ventures is the launch parties that accompany them. Plus, with next month's Popshop not arriving until CMJ week in mid-October (well worth the wait though, TRUST), throwing you another amazing show to tide you over in the meantime was the least we could do.

We love music videos more than life itself, so we've started to commission a few of our own as part of a new series of Neon Gold TV sessions that we've been working on over the past few months. And what better way to celebrate than with a launch party starring Reptar, the subjects of our first ever NGTV session in their first ever NYC headline play. They'll be coming straight over from Terminal 5 after their early set opening for Foster The People to do it even bigger in the headline slot at Tammany, with support coming from our beloved Savoir Adore and DJ B-Roc of The Knocks on the ones and twos all night long. And of course it wouldn't be a Neon Gold party without an open bar deal, so get down early to take advantage of complimentary vodka from 9pm-10pm.

It's all going down Wednesday, September 28th at Tammany Hall, with $5 advance tickets now on sale HERE. Or you could hold out for $10 tickets on the door, but with a bill like this and an advance sale price like that tickets are bound to go fast. Our last launch party with Grouplove in June was a sell out and one of the most special shows we've ever put on, and this one has all the makings of another epic so run, don't walk, over to and cop your tickets before they're all gone.

10:00pm: Savoir Adore // DOWNLOAD: "Bodies"

11:00pm: Reptar // DOWNLOAD: "Stuck In My Id"


We still don't know who or what they are exactly, but with each passing day we find ourselves falling more and more head over heels for Ms Mr's mysterious pop charms. Pardon our French, but there's a certain je ne sais quois about their wholeheartedly nostalgic pop-noir that's just fucking incredible. Take this new video for "Ash Tree Lane", edited by the visually gifted David Dean Burkhart, for example. With a brilliant cinematic intro, it soon plunges headfirst into an Alice In Wonderland rabbit hole before taking off on a journey into the heart of the American dream. Again, it's the mystery girl's vocals that effortlessly tug at your heartstrings, while taking you by the hand and guiding you through a slideshow of familiar images of American life, so nostalgic they feel like a far-off fairytale.

The constantly moving visuals are perfectly suited for the high-hat heavy beat and ominous, weighted keys that howl beneath the song's surface and steadily build up like Jenga bricks before coming crashing down in the chorus like a synthwave attack. It's a massive drop for a massive tune, and we're more than excited to share the mp3 with you below, along with the exclusive premier of the video above. Have at it.

MP3: "Ash Tree Lane" - Ms Mr

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


It's been amazing how quickly Foster The People have gone from next big thing to biggest new band in the world, and equally amazing how many remixes they've picked up along the way. We've heard and acknowledged the universal collective groan whenever a new "Pumped Up Kicks" mix is pumped and dumped - mainly because the Captain Cuts effort is impossible to top right? - so to avoid any more "Pumped Up" remix fatigue, we've got something completely different for y'all.

Enter Lenno, the 16-year old envoy for Finland's underexposed club scene. From start to finnish, Lenno blows the lid off "Helena Beat" with an entourage of lush key arrangements, nu-disco beats, and ziplining electronic flourishes. The chorus is still intact alright, with a growing synth growl that ultimately leads to a drop that literally lasts for two minutes of bliss. Whoever decided to include Lenno in the official Foster remix bundle on Spotify clearly made a great Neon Gold-approved life choice. The stream's been circulating the blogs for a minute now, but the powers that be have given us the go ahead to share the HQ mp3 as an exclusive download below. Move over Madeon, Lenno is the new kid on the blog.

MP3: "Helena Beat" (Lenno Remix) - Foster The People [exclusive]


As a band from the heart of hurricane-prone south Florida, ANR have put their homegrown survival instinct to use in the force majeure video for our latest release, "It's Around You", which was fittingly conceptualized during Hurricane Irene. This cinematic work of art from the brilliant minds of Jillian Meyer and Lucas Leyva contextualizes the various layers of the track by juxtaposing piercing images of frantic swimmers with human cyclones and interpretative dancers. The visual accompaniment successfully makes natural disasters seem more human and bodily movements more fluid in the interlocking ebb and flow of life.

Meyer and Leyva (of Miami's prolific Borscht collective) are also responsible for the hauntingly spot-on music video for ANR's "Big Problem", which launched ANR into the national consciousness earlier this year. While the original song was already an apocalyptic pop gem in its own right, the acoustic version - an extra from the deluxe edition of ANR's masterful Stay Kids LP - is a lush orchestral masterstroke, complete with an elegiac string section that softly hums over the unthreatening strums-and-drums combo. It's an incredible change of pace that's perfect for all those lazy mornings following long nights, and we've got an exclusive premiere of this beautifully raw reimagining for your listening pleasure below.

MP3: "Big Problem" (Acoustic) - ANR [exclusive]

Monday, September 19, 2011


We've talked up St. Lucia quite a bit ever since we first laid ears on "The Old House Is Gone" at the onset of the summer sun, and now their impeccable debut EP looks set to keep the fire burning well into autumn. Now that summer's unwittingly winding down, HeavyRoc's resident partystarters The Knocks have gone and remixed "Old House" into a segue banger that immediately transports you back to the endless summers of young love and all night beach parties for those not quite ready to let go just yet.

On what's possibly their finest remix to date, B-Roc and JPatt have painted a pretty trippy picture of Ibiza on Saturn, where everyday you party like you're ringing in a new year. They beef up the original arpeggio with some meaty bass and stacks on stacks of balearic synths, transforming St. Lucia's single version from blissed-out summer staple to club-ready floorfiller. St. Lucia may have laid down the architectural foundation, but The Knocks are the swagged out interior designers that arrive on the scene to upgrade this old house to full on crib status.

MP3: "The Old House Is Gone" (The Knocks Remix) - St. Lucia [exclusive]

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Our love for Grouplove truly knows no bounds, and we've had their debut full length Never Trust A Happy Song (released TODAY) stuck on repeat on the office stereo since they sent it through earlier this summer. Now, as a proper salute to the finest group of musicians on the left coast, we're throwing their official album release party Wednesday night after the band headline their biggest NYC play to date at Bowery Ballroom. Immediately after the show's conclusion, we'll be taking things back to our second home at Tammany Hall around the corner to indulge in a well-deserved celebration for the ages, complete with DJ sets from Xaphoon Jones, Captain Cuts and Grouplove themselves.

Furthermore, we'll also have the live debut of a brand new band by the name of Stay Gold, an oven fresh project from Kris Menace and Max Cooke, former mastermind behind the UK's late great GoodBooks and essential fixture in Ellie Goulding's touring band. Joining him on live drums will be everyone's favorite beatsmith, Xaphoon "You Crazy" Jones, before he swaps the sticks for the decks to close out the night on the ones and twos. And to top it all off, it's completely FREE. All you have to do is show up with your rageface on and a government issued ID saying you're 21+.

And in case all that wasn't exciting enough, to ring in the occasion we've got another very special exclusive from Xaphoon for you. Many of you may remember the "Colours" remix of Grouplove we premiered in June, but in an effort to come up with "something to scare people at festivals with", he went back into the lab and created a whole new beast of a bootleg edit "scrounged from the chasm-like depths of [his] hard drives". The result is the brand new MEGA EDIT of the mix that he's been tearing crowds in half with all summer long, complete with earth-shattering new bass surges in the chorus, dancehall snares and new vocal effects. Harder. Better. Monster. Stronger.

MP3: "Colours" (Xaphoon Jones' MEGA EDIT) - Grouplove [exclusive]

Thursday, September 8, 2011


In case you didn't already know, in the United States of Neon Gold Captain Cuts are pretty much a household name and house party staple. Their newest offering is a daring remix of Young The Giant's "Apartment", which serves as yet another prime example of their production brilliance. Forget what you heard, because what was once a headstrong indie rock anthem is given a space age facelift and it's a ravishing new look for the California rock outfit.

As synth ships set sail across an ocean of noise, Sameer Gadhia's impassioned vocals cut in and leave a trail of emotion in their wake as the beat gradually starts to pick up steam. The verses are relatively straightforward at first, before it all gets sucked into Captain Cuts' electronic whirlpool on the chorus and the song comes to life. But it's merely a hint at what's to drop, as the last minute of looped vocals and self-affirming chord progressions make it feel like you're truly on the ride of your life. You can cop an exclusive download of the remix below, and keep an eye out for a full remix EP from Young The Giant - featuring the likes of Two Door, Tokyo Police Club and more - dropping on their Facebook page next week.

MP3: "Apartment" (Captain Cuts Remix) - Young The Giant [exclusive]


Sure, Popshop may be tonight and all but let's face it, we're an insatiable bunch. So without further do, we present the third installment of our new Lights + Music rave. The third time's the charm and you'd be sorely mistaken if you think we're gonna drop the ball on this one, as we're coming correct with a hail mary of a lineup for a very special Friday Night Lights + Music this time around. Getting things started on the ground will be our very own Smash and Riggins in J-Patt and B-Roc of The Knocks on the decks early, before London's finest Starsmith and Russ Chimes take things into overtime as the double threat main event.

As per usual, we're posted up at Tammany Hall, consistently giving your night and early morning a welcome shock to the system. And as Lights + Music has become synonymous with free drinks and great life choices, this time around we're partnering up with Stoli Vodka to introduce you to their latest flavor, Chocolat Razberi, which we'll be mainlining into your bloodstream with a free-for-all OPEN BAR from from 10pm-11pm. Perhaps the best news of all for those of you chained to the 9-to-5 is that this one's going down as a rare Friday night Neon Gold show, so there's absolutely no reason to miss out on this one. Glowsticks? Check. Killer bill? Check. Free booze? Check. As is the new standard, we'll have an extremely limited number of $10 early bird tickets for sale before the price goes up to $13 in advance and then $15 day of show. Don't miss out on another epic night to remember, cop your tickets HERE before it's too late.

The Knocks // DOWNLOAD: "Sunshine"

Starsmith // DOWNLOAD: "Hang With Me" (Starsmith Remix)

Russ Chimes // STREAM: "Starry Eyed" (Russ Chimes Remix)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


With great pop power comes great responsibility, and as your friendly neighborhood party people, we promise an amazing September night for y'all tonight. We've also got a last minute line up change for you, as Tiger Love have unfortunately had to cancel their performance at this month's show due to eleventh hour visa issues, but do trust that they will be back, bigger and better, to blow up a future Popshop this fall. Amply filling their shoes though will be our beloved Captain Cuts, who's got an arsenal of new bangers 'n mashes up his sleeve that we can't wait for y'all to salivate over. Oh and worry not, the rest of the allstar lineup remains fully intact and as glorious as ever.

Right on time, we've got another Popshop Radio mix from The Knocks to help you get your game face on before this Thursday. In addition to mainstays from Wynter Gordon, Samuel, and Goldsmith, there's also a whole slew of unreleased exclusives courtesy of The Knocks and Captain Cuts, with a special spotlight on the Captain's Foster The People and Dizzee Rascal mix which is just about the most amazing thing we've heard in ages. Also featured are some very familiar faces like the legendary Fatboy Slim and brand new Neon Gold fam ANR with "It's Around You". As rhetorical as it sounds, this is easily our best edition of the Radio yet, so get involved and reap its rewards. All advance tickets for tonight are sold out, but there will be an extremely limited amount of $15 tickets (keyword: EXTREMELY) available on the door tonight, so get down early if you want to be a part of what's shaping up to be our biggest Popshop ever.

1. "Champagne Kisses Could Work With Everything" - Samuel + Two Door Cinema Club
2. "Seeing is Believing" - The Knocks
3. "Dirty Talk" (Laidback Luke Remix) - Wynter Gordon
4. "Right Here Right Now" - Fatboy Slim
5. "Black + Gold" - Goldsmith
6. "Can't Stand Still" (The Knocks Remix) - The Postelles
7. "Houdini Look Sharp" - Captain Cuts
8. "Scenic World" (Pocketknife's Breathtaken Remix) - Beirut
9. "It's Around You" - ANR


Grouplove are pretty much our favorite band in the game right now so we're gonna spend the next couple days following them around throwing afterparties for them just because. First up is DC (with NYC coming next week), and as soon as we shake off our Popshop hangovers Friday morning we're hopping in the whip and cruising down to our second home to catch Grouplove demolishing The Black Cat before doing it up big with All Things Go for a FREE All Things Gold afterparty at Napoleon. We'll have Grouplove and Captain Cuts on the decks all night, as well as our dude Lightwaves, and it will rule. Trust.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Word on the street has it that there's a new mysterious pop duo in town by the name of Ms Mr, whose phenomenal Ghost City USA EP (get it for free at their Bandcamp here) has been causing stirrings amongst those in the know since they self-released it earlier this summer. On lead track "Bones", ominous piano chords storm in with a light upper register that suggests the tiniest glimmer of hope in an imminent descent into darkness. You fall for Miss Mystery's voice, with its strawberry blonde traces of Florence Welch and Kyla La Grange, and it teases you along, consciously leading you out of your comfort zone. The chorus wields big rolling drums and haunting echoes of the past, drifting through you until you burst through closed doors into an intimate middle eight that acts as the calm before the verse storms back and carries the song to its epic denouement. The tone sets a dangerously vivid backdrop for a Kubrickian thriller and even the production feels oddly cinematic. Yep, whoever this Brooklyn boy-girl duo are, they're clearly a force of nature to be reckoned with. Consider this the Irene we've all been waiting for.

MP3: "Bones" - Ms Mr


DC, we love you. It's been incredible the love you've shown our new All Things Gold concert series - both of our first two shows sold out with over 500 tickets sold - and we're all set to keep the streak alive with one of our biggest shows yet next week as we import another huge lineup to the nation's capital. On the DJ side of things, we've got Russ Chimes headlining as he makes his triumphant return to the America for his first US dates since late 2009, with support coming from our main man Starsmith as he makes his long awaited stateside debut alongside his good friend and sometime collaborator Mr. Chimes. Then headlining the live stage we've got superstar-on-the-rise MNDR returning to the DC live circuit after opening for Chromeo at 9:30 Club earlier this year, plus support from Miami newcomer Nicky Blitz getting things started early.

It all kicks off with doors at 9pm and Heineken drink specials galore, and for the low low price of $10 advance tickets (or $13 on the door), it's not really the kind of thing you can say no to. Advance tickets available are HERE, but move fast as this isn't a show you want to miss. Set times and streaming mp3s below, you know what to do.

09:30pm: Nicky Blitz // DOWNLOAD: "Summer Sinner"

10:30pm: MNDR // DOWNLOAD: "Cut Me Out"

11:15pm: Russ Chimes // DOWNLOAD: "Mowgli's Road" (Russ Chimes Remix)

12:45am: Starsmith // STREAM: "Radioactive" (Starsmith Rework)

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Let's be real, summer isn't over yet and we can't keep all these perfect tracks to ourselves, it would just be rude. Your new late summer anthem is a slow burning remix by Brighton up-and-comers Kinema, taking on My Tiger My Timing's seasonally appropriate "Endless Summer". While the original already stands alone as a groovy bass-driven romp, Kinema cranks the thermostat way up and projects a positive mirage of a permanent vacation and you just can't help but bask in it.

MP3: "Endless Summer" (Kinema Remix) - My Tiger My Timing