Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Westward expansion was only a matter of time, and now the Neon Gold manifest destiny has been fully realized as Popshop West is born. Back for the very first time, we're teaming up with Hit City USA to bring our monthly NYC mainstay to the fairer coast, kicking off Monday April 9th with a very special, very FREE launch party at The Echoplex. Headlining are none other than everyone's favorite new band HAIM, with support from white hot LA heatseekers Wildcat! Wildcat! and Ko Ko. Then on the decks we've got our resident DJ's Captain Cuts, keeping things moving all night long alongside westside partystarters Guns In The Sun. It all kicks off April 9th from 8pm to late for the low, low price of FREE AS SHIT, so come out and get involved LA, it's gonna be a good ass night. RSVP:

DOWNLOAD: "Forever" - HAIM

DOWNLOAD: "Mr. Quiche" - Wildcat! Wildcat!

STREAM: "Float" - KO KO

STREAM: "Colours (Captain Cuts Remix)" - Grouplove


Ko Ko is yet another band staking claim to the Californian goldmine of talent that's about to sweep the nation. Opening with candy coated whistles that will literally make your mouth water, "Float" is a heavenly paradigm that sounds like a summer-salted highball of Fun and Coconut Records. Their sunbeaming vocals and spine-tingling harmonies drift across a carefree backbeat that's basically a publisher's dream come true, like the vibrant love child of Feist's "1, 2, 3, 4" and Edward Sharpe's "Home". Your summer anthem's arrived a couple months early, but something tells us no one's going to mind.

MP3: "Float" - Ko Ko

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


West Coast mystery kids The Neighbourhood arrive on the scene out of nowhere with not one, but two incredible tracks to their name, swinging for the fences and beyond on their first at bat. Taking their hooky brand of California indie and infusing it with slick hip hop production, it's the kind of thing you might expect if Cold War Kids made a record in Lana Del Rey's universe.

Tolling bells and desperate shouts set the scene on the Lynchian undertaking that is "Female Robbery", before the slow reveal introduces the weaponized guitars and empire-toppling Massive Attack production that drives the song towards its fatalist conclusion. They follow it up with "Sweater Weather" today and raise the bar even higher, as crooned vocals flow breezily over a cozy bassline before going doubletime on a supercharged chorus that rewires your entire emotional thermostat. It's a debut one-two punch the likes of which we haven't heard in ages, and when a stammering, stuttering Zane Lowe comes in at the end of the "Sweater Weather" radio rip, you can't blame him; this is shock and awe. Best to get on the bandwagon now then, as this lot look set to take over in a big way in the months to come, one neighborhood at a time.

STREAM: "Female Robbery" - The Neighbourhood

DOWNLOAD: "Sweater Weather" - The Neighbourhood

Monday, March 26, 2012


If Haim are the best new LA band already on everyone's radar, then Wildcat! Wildcat! are next in line to bowl people over. It was their Royal Tenenbaums-inspired calling card and flawless aesthetic that first caught our eye, but it wasn't long before the trio's technicolor serendipity pop had us hook, line and sinker. With vocals that flit between the chronic lightness of Passion Pit and Active Child and keys mined from the darkest depths of Miike Snow's imagination, Wildcat create a bristling soundscape like no other. Multi-tiered synths build up and crumble like sovereign empires, with smoke breaks in between to recharge the self-destructive cycle, flawless production leaving the whole affair shining resplendently throughout. Get familiar with Wildcat! Wildcat! and their debut offering "Mr. Quiche" below, as this lot are sure to be turning serious heads in the months to come.

DOWNLOAD: "Mr. Quiche" - Wildcat! Wildcat!


Dudes. Why'd no one tell us LA can be kind of alright sometimes? We just spent a week out there and we're pretty sure we're finally getting the hang of it. It still doesn't hold a candle to New York, but god damn if that west coast music scene isn't going through some sort of golden age renaissance period right now. So much so that we went ahead and fastracked our plans to launch Popshop West (announced later this week), but in the meantime, let's take a quick run through the incredible new bands making LA the hottest scene du jour in the world, starting with the best new band around, Haim.

Hate to say we told you so, but like, guys... we told you so. We had a hunch Haim would be the breakout stars of SXSW 2012, but we were nowhere near prepared for just how incredible they'd be. We're pretty fluent in hyperbole around these parts, but no amount of superlatives could properly communicate just how massive these girls are going to be. Never in our lives have we seen such a sure thing in this industry, and not since Mumford & Sons have we come across a band so thoroughly mind-blowing to anyone who encounters their live show, regardless of taste. So for now, feast your ears on "Better Off" (below) and their debut Forever EP (available for free download here), but be warned, it's just the tip of the iceberg - the live versions of the tracks are a whole new beast, and the massive new songs they have in waiting (see: "The Wire" and "Falling", "Let Me Go") have us all but certain that Haim could be the best (and biggest) band LA's produced in years.

MP3: "Better Off" - HAIM

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


After three massive showcases at SXSW last week, we've got full-blown festival fever and we just can't seem to shake it. So much like last year's CMJ blowout, April's Popshop boasts a double-decker lineup of the very best new acts from around the world. In the DJ headline slot, we have none other than the legendary sky captains of tomorrow, Flight Facilities, accompanied by the very lovely Jess Higgs on live vocals. Immediately preceding them on the live stage will be the French electro maven himself Yuksek, making his NYC headline debut with a powered up three-piece live band (preview below). And as if all that wasn't enough, we've got Israel-via-London pop outfit, Tiger Love, kicking things off early and Aussie powerhouse '96 Bulls manning the upper decks late night.

Downstairs in the Pleasure Treasure room, you'll find club maestro Mighty Mouse holding it down with our Power Slug residents Headband and Hooligan until the early morn. Oh yeah, and there's also an open Bomb Lager bar for the first hour, just to guarantee a proper night of mayhem. It's all popping off on Thursday, April 5th, at Santos Party House. Tix are $15 in advance and $20 at the door, so get yours now HERE, you don't wanna miss our biggest Popshop to date.

STREAM: "Crave You" - Flight Facilities

STREAM: "On A Train" - Yuksek

STREAM: "Under Control" - Tiger Love

STREAM: "All Eyes On You ('96 Bulls Remix)" - St. Lucia

STREAM: "Cloudbusting (Mighty Mouse Re Work)" - Kate Bush

: "We Have Love (Headband Edit)" - Hot Chip

STREAM: "Atlas Gold" - Hooligan

Friday, March 9, 2012


This year, we're getting the New Shapes SXSW team back together again for one more run at the title, bringing you the pond-spanning best of the US, the UK, and beyond in one mega bill. Indoors and outdoors, we'll be using every square inch of the Red Eyed Fly. Outside, we've got Ambassadors, the enchanting Wild Belle, the UK's next great rock band Morning Parade, our resident dreamers Savoir Adore and St Lucia, and of course, the new loves of our life, HAIM. Inside, we've got the equally brilliant stylings of Nathaniel Rateliff, Daughter, Spinto Band, Chet Faker, and the incredible Charli XCX and Ben Howard as the icing on the proverbial cake. And as if that wasn't enough, Andy Rourke of The Smiths (legend) will also be manning the decks all day. It's all popping off March 15th, so get your RSVP in HERE and get involved.

12:15pm: Ambassadors // STREAM: "Unconsolable"

01:15pm: Wild Belle // STREAM: "Keep You"

02:15pm: Morning Parade // STREAM: "Headlights"

03:15pm: Savoir Adore // STREAM: "Dreamers"

04:15pm: St. Lucia // STREAM: "Before the Dive"

05:15pm: HAIM // STREAM: "Better Off"

11:45am: Nathaniel Rateliff // STREAM: "Shroud"

12:45pm: Daughter // DOWNLOAD: "Love"

01:45pm: Spinto Band // STREAM: "Take It"

02:45pm: Chet Faker // STREAM: "Terms and Conditions"

03:45pm: Charli XCX // STREAM: "Nuclear Seasons"

04:45pm: Ben Howard // STREAM: "The Wolves"

Thursday, March 8, 2012


The rumors are true, All Things Gold has officially gone national. This SXSW, we're teaming up with All Things Go once again to bring the rage to Austin with a slew of heavy-hitters such as the powerhouse Chiddy Bang, our almighty alum Penguin Prison, and America's best untapped new rock band, Walk the Moon. Warming up the soundstage, we've got PLAINS, Vacationer, our new favorites, Incan Abraham and our all-time favorite, Clock Opera. And rounding things out with DJ sets from Ghost Beach and Brenton Duvall, plus complimentary Redrum cocktails from 12pm-1pm, you'll want to get involved and RSVP now HERE. Just a warning: Chiddy Bang played to 3,000 people last SXSW and we've already had 1000+ RSVPs for this event, so if you don't want to get shut out of all the action, you'd be wise to come out EARLY. Like, mid-day early. Just don't say we didn't warn you.

11:30am: PLAINS // STREAM: "Innovator"

12:00pm: Vacationer // STREAM: "Trip"

12:50pm: Incan Abraham // STREAM: "Paper Army"

01:40pm: Clock Opera // STREAM: "Once And For All"

02:30pm: Walk the Moon // STREAM: "Next In Line"

03:20pm: Penguin Prison // STREAM: "Multi-Millionaire"

04:30pm: Chiddy Bang // STREAM: "Ray Charles"

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Besides having one of the more curious names in recent memory, Incan Abraham are part of a new movement of brilliant young LA bands (see also: HAIM, Electric Guest, et. al) set to take SXSW by storm this year. "Paper Army" is a utopian postcard from an island where everyone knows your name and worries and cares are but a thing of myth, nothing more than tall tales from the mainland. Borrowing from the best parts of Local Natives and Fool's Gold, it takes off with a serotonin-fueled synth bounce and skittering tropical guitars, as Yeasayer-esque vocals hang-glide through the cloudless skies high above. Soaked in yearning reverb, Incan Abraham toy with your emotions like a wind-surfing kite that reels in closer and closer with each verse until you're speechless and beat, right where they want you.

MP3: "Paper Army" - Incan Abraham

Monday, March 5, 2012


It's that time of year again, and after packed out showcases at SXSW 2010 and 2011, we're back with another barnburner for you with our 2012 official showcase. Wrapping up our inaugural Neon Gold Tour at SXSW will be St. Lucia, Savoir Adore and our showcase headliners The Knocks, joined by fellow Neon Gold alums Polarsets and ANR, and the next big things of tomorrow in Brooklyn's Fort Lean and Los Angeles' HAIM. The whole thing's going down at Karma Lounge, just steps from the 6th Street and the epicenter of SXSW at 105 East 5th Street between Congress and Brazos. As per usual, it's 21+ with free entry to those with official SX badges on a first come, first serve basis, so come out early as space is limited and this is going to be a night to remember. Set times and MP3's below - see you in Texas, friends.

07:00pm: ANR // STREAM: "It's Around You"

08:00pm: HAIM // STREAM: "Better Off"

09:00pm: Fort Lean // STREAM: "Sunsick"

10:00pm: Savoir Adore // DOWNLOAD: "Dreamers"

11:00pm: St. Lucia // STREAM: "Before The Dive"

12:00am: The Knocks // STREAM: "R.O.Y.L."

01:00am: Polarsets // DOWNLOAD: "Leave Argentina"


And just like that SXSW is upon us again, but before we go ahead and tell you about everything we've got going on down there, we'd like to introduce you to our pick for breakout stardom in Austin this year. Calling it now, in two weeks time, the name on everyone's lips will be that of HAIM. Born and raised in the City of Angels, the sisters Haim sound like the precocious daughters of Stevie Nicks, reared on the '90s sass of Destiny's Child, with the modern bite of Friends. We've had their debut EP Forever on infinite loop since its modest release last month, and the west coast trio are quickly establishing themselves as one of the most promising new bands in the country.

There's not a misstep or weak moment in sight on Forever, but it's the immaculate title track that's truly heatseeking pop at its finest, an understated anthem for a generation. The gloriously percussive intro paves the way for Danielle Haim's tightly knit melodies to stretch out under unshakable palms, as those blissful girl group harmonies (harmonies for days y'all) and a blistering bassline converge to give you a fleeting taste of immortality. When the claps announce themselves in the last gasp final refrain and spring-loaded synths cut through the mix like diamonds, it's clear we've got a band with boundless potential on our hands. A&R's who caught the sisters' lone CMJ play last fall gushed that they were the best live act of the week (and any that missed it lied to their bosses and said the same), so don't get caught sleeping next week. We'll be bringing you two opportunities to see them down in Texas (and in NYC later this spring), so stay tuned and watch this space.

MP3: "Forever" - HAIM

Thursday, March 1, 2012


St. Lucia is one of those names that effortlessly rolls off our tongue when playing favorites, and we're over the moon to have him on the Neon Gold team full time as our first ever albums signing. How could we not be, when he's responsible for songs that so joyously melt in your mouth and taste like an intercontinental blend of tropical electro and nostalgic pop. Long story short, St. Lucia plays the soundtrack to our dreams, and we're pretty fucking ecstatic to unveil his debut album later this year. For now though, we're here to talk about the debut EP, both a primer for what's to come and a continued study in perfecting the 21st century pop anthem. It's a life-affirming affair that made us realize just how much he really struck a chord deep in our heart of hearts. Relax, your permanent vacation officially starts now.

You already know the picture-perfect "We Got It Wrong", a seductive thief in the night that steals your breath away from your singing-along lips on the opening track. This segues into a one-two knockout of "This Old House Is Gone" and "All Eyes On You",the two trascendent summer staples that sparked this whole not-so-secret affair. Then it's "Before The Dive" coming out of nowhere as yet another single-worthy smash to remember, bursting at the seams with infectious piano chords, overachieving hooks and handholding harmonies. "Paper Heart" brings us to the twilight of the EP as it unfolds into an ethereal catharsis, before the blissful 80's pop of curtain call ballad "Closer Than This" marks the EP's conclusion, an ellipsis before the exclamation point of St. L's debut album later this year.

The digital version of the EP drops March 6th on iTunes and all other digital retailers worth their salt, with the physical 10" vinyl release to follow on March 27th. Mark your calendars, friends, and head over to the Neon Gold Shop to preorder your vinyl NOW. In the meantime, stream the entire EP below and get involved with the debut music video for epic crowdpleaser, "We Got It Wrong".

DOWNLOAD: "We Got It Wrong" - St. Lucia


Brazilian discohaus duo Database wake up in the dream of Savoir Adore and get to work immediately. Party Paul's vocals float like a heavenly buoy through a current of rippling synths, as crunchy Jamaica-esque guitars and Delphic-esque cutaways keep things cracking throughout. Savoir play Popshop tonight at Santos Party House getting things started at 8:15 before St. Lucia, Chiddy Bang and The Knocks keep things electric until the early hours.

MP3: "Dreamers" (Database Remix) - Savoir Adore