Monday, January 30, 2012


We've been hinting at it for a while, but - in case you didn't already hear - a new era is upon us here at Neon Gold. That's right, it's time to put out some albums. So without further ado, we're over the moon to announce our first ever albums signing, the one and only St. Lucia. We'll be bringing you his immaculate debut EP this March and a debut album later this year, but first we're kicking things off with a remix 12" for EP standout "We Got It Wrong", a euphoric time-bending masterpiece that allows you to escape into the beaches of your imagination.

Beautifully packaged on widescreen 12" vinyl and in all good record stores on Valentine's Day, it comes complete with a star-studded supporting cast of remixes from some of our favorite electronic talents around. Finnish boy wonder Lenno molds the original into a nu-disco force of nature like an apprentice of the highest order, while the master puppeteer Starsmith adds layer upon layer of synth varnish like an OCD Gepetto on speed. Elsewhere Xaphoon Jones, the dark wizard of the bunch, summons up black magic from the spirit world with teeth-baring synths and just-make-it-clap beats on what can only be described as a festival massacre just waiting to happen. It's all out physically on February 14th, but you can preorder the full package from the Neon Gold Shop HERE. But wait, there's more... for the first time ever, we've also got the release available for purchase digitally from iTunes NOW, a highly dangerous experiment in immediate gratification that's sure to yield only the sexiest results.

MP3: "We Got It Wrong" (Xaphoon Jones Remix) - St. Lucia [exclusive]


GREAT NEWS. Popshop 2.0 is only three sleeps away, as we get ready to do it bigger than ever before with Classixx this Thursday at Santos Party House. The not so great news - we've lost another amazing act to the pitfalls of homeland security, as Morning Parade's visas were delayed until later in the month, meaning they won't be able to join us for this round of Popshop. Worry not though, they'll be back with us in March for a special pre-SXSW edition of our semiannual NEW SHAPES party as part of one of the biggest lineups we've ever brought to NYC (stay tuned).

Back to the matter at hand though. We've dug deep to find a stellar replacement for the Parade, and we're thrilled to announce that NYC's greatest rock 'n roll band Workout will be joining us on the Popshop stage, getting things popping early before French Horn Rebellion and Classixx tear it down in the headline slots. Workout are pretty much our new favorite live band in New York and it's a show that needs to be seen to be believed, so do yourself a favor and come down early - it'll be the best decision you make all month, guaranteed. It's all going down Thursday at Santos, you can cop cheap $10 adv tickets HERE before they're either sold out or $15 on the door, you're call.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Guillemots' most recent full length, Walk The River, was one of our most cherished releases of 2011, so we're especially wary of just anyone laying their hands on Fyfe Dangerfield's brilliant songwriting and production. But once we heard this deft re-imagining of "I Don't Feel Amazing Now" from UK electronic duo Mooli, our overprotective instincts quickly melted away. It gently unfolds with Fyfe's harmonies drifting in and out like a lazy pendulum - in a carefree Grouplove kind of way - over Mooli's summery bonfire synths and coconut beats. As soon as Fyfe's lovelorn croon enters the ring and the chorus starts to tug at your tender heartstrings, it doesn't take long before you realize that this is exactly the catharsis-spiked cocktail that you needed all along.

MP3: "I Don't Feel Amazing Now" (Mooli Remix) - Guillemots

Thursday, January 26, 2012


At long last, we're thrilled to bring you our very first Neon Gold Tour, a powerhouse mini-tour launching in NYC at Popshop on March 1st and wrapping up at SXSW at the official Neon Gold Records showcase two weeks later. Headlining are our resident partystarters The Knocks, with support from our beloved dreamers Savoir Adore and our very first albums signing (!!!) St. Lucia. That's right, we're very proud to announce the amazing and talented St. Lucia as our first albums signing, but more on that next week.

For now, it's all about gearing up for our biggest live undertaking yet, as we bring together three of our favorite bands in the game and set them loose on the unsuspecting masses of the eastern seaboard. And if we missed your town on this run, worry not, this tour will be the first of many. Tickets for all shows (except Trinity College) are on sale now and can be found at our new Neon Gold ticketing hub HERE. We'll have a few special guests joining the tour in various cities, and if you're in NYC you're going to want to get your tickets NOW because we've got one hell of a special guest headliner lined up for the launch party, and tickets will sell out overnight once the cat's out of the bag. Consider this fair warning. Full dates and audio below:

March 1st -- NYC -- Santos Party House (POPSHOP014)
March 2nd -- Boston -- Middle East Downstairs
March 3rd -- Trinity College -- The Mill
March 6th -- DC -- U Street Music Hall
March 7th -- Philadelphia -- The Blockley
March 8th -- Savannah -- Savannah Stopover
March 11th -- Atlanta -- Masquerade

STREAM: "R.O.Y.L." - The Knocks

DOWNLOAD: "We Got It Wrong" - St. Lucia

DOWNLOAD: "Dreamers" - Savoir Adore

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Our omission of Sweden's Deportees from our Top Singles of 2011 list was a world class oversight, but fortunately for you and me and everyone we know, their seminal masterpiece "A Heart Like Yours In A Time Like This" now gets the shine it deserves with a proper single release in 2012. A pristine slice of emotional, wintry pop, it'll have you blushing through the pallor of your frostbitten complexion in no time. The delicate Explosions In The Sky guitars and heavensent harmonies (seriously guys, those HARMONIES) slowly build with a graceful patience to an epic conclusion, and the result is truly one of the more beautiful songs we've heard in years. Already heroes and album-of-the-year contenders - for last year's Islands & Shores - in their native Sweden, 2012 finds Deportees set to make a significant impact beyond Scandinavian shores (and islands) in the year to come. Expect shock and awe, folks.

MP3: "A Heart Like Yours In A Time Like This" - Deportees [exclusive]


We knew there was something special about Polarsets when we put out "Morning" back in the halcyon days of August. That now seems like forever ago in the harsh grips of winter, but the Newcastle trio waste no time taking us back to those simpler times here, injecting Mausi's everlasting summer anthem "Sol" with that full-frontal Friendly Fires-in-Ibiza vibe that they pull off so effortlessly. All we wanted was to thaw out a bit and just like that, they answered our prayers with this thorough remedy, a familiar mirage of the tropics underscored by Mausi's sunbeat vocals and Polarsets' trademark man-of-steel drums. It all adds up to the second release from our DC bros' All Things Go on their brand new vinyl imprint ATG Records (a blog starting a record label? unheard of!) and when the results are this good, you better believe this won't be the last time we get our family tree mixed up with theirs.

MP3: "Sol" (Polarsets Remix) - Mausi [exclusive]

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Our dude Brad Oberhofer is one of our city's brightest young things and most captivating new talents, so we're throwing this up late in the game just in case you missed its first strike last week. "HEART" marks the first single from his upcoming debut full length, Time Capsules II (top marks on the name sir), and starts off with a classical piano arrangement that rockets into a frantic Alberti bass just as Oberhofer's familiar concave vocals begin to sink into your psyche. As the flickering toy piano plays hooky with the emphatic drums and sweeping string sections, he turns on the dark charm and dreams up an epic lullaby for the unrequited.

Under the production wing of the legendary Steve Lillywhite - a curveball of a producer for this project but one that suddenly makes perfect sense here - "HEART" manages to combine the nail-biting bravado of pre-Glassnote Oberhofer with an incredible orchestral majesty reminiscent of our own ANR's "Blood on Blood". NYC, meet your new favorite son.

MP3: "HEART" - Oberhofer

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It's been a minute since he first burst onto the scene with mint remixes of Foster The People and The Knocks, but it was only a matter of time before Finnish wunderkind Lenno reclaimed the spotlight. This time, he and fellow countryman Jesse Oliver tackle Miami Horror's instant classic "Holidays" with true finesse, and you better believe we'll have this on full blast as we sail the high seas to Mexico with The Knocks and Weezer this weekend.

MP3: "Holidays" (Lenno + Jesse Oliver Remix) - Miami Horror

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Our first Popshop of the new year will be a change of pace and change of scenery, kickstarting a brand new year of incredible live music with the same contagious pop atmosphere we established in 2011. Getting things started on the first Popshop of 2012 are London's next huge things Morning Parade making their US live debut, before our beloved Popshop alumni French Horn Rebellion take things over in the live headline slot. Then it's time for our main event, as LA's nu disco heroes Classixx take over with a headline DJ set that'll burn the midnight oil and then the entire house down.

Despite what's perhaps our biggest lineup ever, the biggest news of the night has to be our brand new home, as we move Popshop from Tammany Hall to the wide open spaces of Santos Party House. It's a new year and a new look, as we take over the main room of Santos Party House and the city's best sound system to elevate Popshop to new levels of glory. And with our advance ticket price still locked in at $10 (or $15 day of show) and free drink specials in the works, it's just about the cheapest way to live the dream in the whole damn city. It's all going down Thursday, February 2nd at Santos Party House (96 Lafayette Street), with advance tickets available HERE now. Don't miss out friends, we're about to take it to another level.

DOWNLOAD: "I'll Get You" (ft. Jeppe) - Classixx

"Listzomania" (Classixx Remix) - Phoenix

STREAM: "Beaches + Friends" (ft. Database) - French Horn Rebellion

"Up All Night" - French Horn Rebellion

"Under The Stars" - Morning Parade

"Us & Ourselves" (St. Lucia Remix) - Morning Parade

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Move over Avicii, there's a new Scandinavian house sheriff in town. Meet 15 year old Jakob Liedholm, who's so impossibly young and talented we don't even want to talk about it anymore.

DOWNLOAD: "The Prize" (Jakob Liedholm Remix) - The Knocks

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


We've waxed poetic on our new leading lady, Foxes, so imagine our excitement when Italian remix extraordinaire Monsieur Adi bestowed upon us this Italo-dega Nights of a take on her debut single "Youth". As the twinkling sound of twilight ignites the affair, the deadpan drumline draws out the deception so the mischievously tribal backbone can dip and snap at the most stadium-pleasing moments. As soon as it gains racetrack momentum, Adi's volcanic eruption of garrulous synths rattles the very foundation holding Foxes down like a heavy tail, until all that's left is the ashy rubble of a youth of another life. Who's that with the neon gold medal neatly ribboned around her neck? Why, it's Foxes of course. Her Youth 7" is out this Monday on Neon Gold and available from the Neon Gold Shop now.

MP3: "Youth" (Monsieur Adi Remix) - Foxes

Monday, January 9, 2012


POPSHOP isn't back in full swing until next month (a thousand pardons), but to satisfy your January fix, our first event of the new year will be another edition of All Things Gold in our nation's capital. It's sure to be another blowout with The Knocks returning to U Street Music Hall to tear the roof off the place once again after selling it out in their first tango with All Things Gold last August. Plus, we've got the triumphant return of local hero Brenton Duvall on the ones and twos, plus Boston bright young things Magic Man opening things up. Not only was The Knocks' last DC show with us one of our biggest events to date with over 500+ tix sold, they'll also be unveiling fresh cuts from their just-released - and frankly brilliant - Magic EP, so this is definitely not to be missed. It's all going down this Thursday with festivities kicking off at 9pm sharp - $10 advance tickets are still available HERE but close to selling out, so move fast before it's too late.

STREAM: "R.O.Y.L." - The Knocks

"LIGHTS!" - Brenton Duvall

Thursday, January 5, 2012


A new year means an exciting new class of Neon Gold acts to introduce, and we're hitting the ground running with the lovely Foxes, whose AA-side debut single "Youth"/"Home" celebrates our 30th release and stands out as one of our absolute strongest to date. Carrying on the torch for empowered female pop from Neon Gold alums Marina & The Diamonds and Ellie Goulding, Foxes' debut 7" is a supercharged one-two punch with "Youth" leading the way and "Home" driving things home on the flip.

Loui Rose Allen (that's Foxes to you) has the piercing voice of an angel with an arrow lodged in her heart, and the rise and fall of the A-side's dynastic production mirrors our female lead's coming of age perfectly at the rapturous breakdown. On top of that, the ferocious drop results in a lingering afterglow that radiates with the emotional gravitas of a thousand dreams coming true. On the AA-side, "Home" has a certain Chairlift-ed charm about it, opening like an unassuming lullaby that skips the caterpillar stage altogether and goes from zero to butterfly in barely a minute. And it certainly doesn't hurt that the electronic flutters of this natural anthem have the same resonating impact as a lost (and now found) B-side from The Postal Service. Together they're the perfect way to launch the Neon Gold Class of 2012, and you better believe you'll be hearing a lot more out of Foxes' camp in the year to come. The official release date is January 16, but you can get your preorder on now from the Neon Gold Shop. Act now before it's too late, this one is a treasure.

DOWNLOAD: "Youth" - Foxes

STREAM: "Home" - Foxes

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


New year, new interns. Our first call for interns yielded two of the best dudes the intern game has ever seen, so we won't tinker with the recipe any and will just direct any interested parties to the overview and application below:

Calling all interns. Neon Gold is looking for a few new superstars in the making to come live the dream with us at Neon Gold HQ this spring and summer. As we are a small operation (there's two of us), this will be a very hands-on internship experience both in and out of the office. There will be some boring stuff. But there will also be a lot of awesome stuff, we promise. We are seeking interns for 4-8 week internships, and any interested parties would need to be available to work out of our NYC headquarters near Union Square in downtown Manhattan. Desk space will be provided, though interns will need access to their own laptops for daily use in the office.

Applicants should be responsible, organized, personable and most of all, hungry. You're going to be on the front lines with us fighting the good fight, getting that real life experience you can only learn in the streets. Or something like that.

As an intern your responsibilities will include (but won't be limited to): maintaining and updating social networks, assisting with promotional and marketing materials, coordinating events and assisting with our monthly Popshop club night, helping out on a number of top secret but extremely exciting new ventures we've got in the works, and most importantly, keeping it real.

Still with us? Still interested? We'll be conducting interviews over the next few weeks with those applicants we feel are the most qualified and impressive candidates, so fill out this awesome application below and email it back to us at


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Monday, January 2, 2012


This is the new year, and if you don't feel any different, we've got a brand new band to soundtrack your first weekday of 2012. Midi Matilda, a duo from San Francisco, are the party responsible for "Day Dreams", a silver lining pop song that combines the very best parts of Wolf Gang and Foster The People. Without a moment to spare, you're swept away by the colossal piano progression and reverb-blessed vocals, which pave the way for schizophrenic guitars and elegiac oohs to fly on by. As Midi Matilda effortlessly flip the falsetto switch that lights up the chandelier in the sky, it's the golden trumpet refrain that re-awakens latent feelings and allows you to fully escape into that everlasting reverie where your dreams are just that much more tangible.

MP3: "Day Dreams" - Midi Matilda