Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Just as you were starting to really miss The Chain Gang of 1974, he's back with "Miko", the barnstorming first taste of his next record. It opens innocently enough, like a waxing moonbeam of meditative pop, unfolding with the relaxed candor of early Bloc Party or Lightspeed Champion. But then things go haywire as it slides into hyperdrive, taking off on the pestilent wings of Isom Innis' studio magic as the Foster The People jack-of-all-tradesman turns in one of his finest production efforts yet. Buckle up and take flight below.

STREAM: "Miko" - The Chain Gang of 1974 [exclusive]

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Things really couldn't be going better for Smallpools right now, as they continue their ascent up the alternative charts and traverse the nation supporting San Cisco on their debut tour. And today, we reunite with the LA four piece on another Neon Gold premiere, as we carefully pry the lid off the rather excellent remix package that's beginning to come together around "Dreaming".

First up on the remix rollout is LA newcomer Zookëper, who dims the lights and breaks out the lasers on a rare everything-and-the-kitchen-sink remix that actually works. The whole thing feels like getting your Smallpools served up animal style with an extra side of awesome, a genre-defying dancefloor behemoth that'll fuck your whole summer up. Seriously though, you've been warned. Smallpools return to LA to make their headline debut at Popshop West on September 4th, with tickets on sale Thursday and sure to sell out not long after that. Don't snooze. Don't lose.

STREAM: "Dreaming" (Zookëper Remix) - Smallpools [exclusive]


Dive In are the latest newcomers to the tropical heatwave of 2013's electronic pop landscape. Hailing from Glastonbury, there's little known about the four-piece (we think) beyond their hometown, but debut single "Let Go" speaks volumes for itself. Like a smooth island cocktail combining the glitchy fireworks of Delphic and balearic grooves of Polarsets with the skyward vocals of Mew, it's a breezy blast of blissful pop that's the perfect respite from this suffocating NYC summer. Dive into the exclusive premiere below.

STREAM: "Let Go" - Dive In [exclusive]

Monday, July 29, 2013


"The Wire" was always going to be The Song. And now here it is, HAIM's longtime live favorite arriving today in all its studio glory, a relentless glam-rock anthem that steamrolls over literally everything in its path. From the rocket-powered guitars to the alternating rock goddess vocals, it has all the makings of an instant classic. And when that majestic gun-slinging guitar solo drops in, it's game, set and match; all hail the new queens of rock.

STREAM: "The Wire" - HAIM


Our love affair with Atlas Genius goes way back, so when we heard that our new starchild, Magic Man, was remixing Atlas' latest single "If So", we knew the possibilities were endless. And unsurprisingly, Magic Man fail to disappoint once again with possibly their best remix effort yet. Awash in a radiant astral glow, the remix plunges you into a magic monsoon of aquamarine synth surges that spring forth like a fountain of eternal youth, all boundless effervescence and unbridled optimism. Ladies and gentlemen, look no further, we've found the cure for the Common Monday.

DOWNLOAD: "If So" (Magic Man Remix) - Atlas Genius [exclusive]

Thursday, July 25, 2013


After testing the water with a series of sterling demos and covers this spring, Clare Maguire returns today with her best new offering yet. On "Paper Thin", Clare lowers the anchor as her heartbreaking sentiment hangs in the air with a light melancholy and husky urgency. It's a sonorous piano slow-burner that carves into you and leaves an emotional scar, and yeah, it's rather beautiful. Enjoy the exclusive premiere below.

STREAM: "Paper Thin" - Clare Maguire [exclusive]

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


The heat does weird things to us in summer, so much so that we've got a very #rare FRIDAY night Popshop Brooklyn coming up next week, a species previously never before documented in nature. This time around, we've got new dance pop sorceress Betty Who warming things up before Australia's finest Strange Talk shut it down in the main support slot. And last but not least, headlining we have the paradisiac bliss of LA heartthrobs, Kisses. It's all going down Friday, August 2nd, at 11: 30p sharp, advance tix now available HERE.

STREAM: Huddle - Kisses

STREAM: "Picking Up All The Pieces" - Strange Talk

DOWNLOAD: "You're In Love" - Betty Who

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Listen up, you're about to get very familiar with the name Panama Wedding. Exploding onto our radar earlier this summer with debut single "All Of The People", we've got a feeling this lot are primed for very big things and are pumped to roll out their debut for exclusive download on these pages here today. From the translucent rainbow synths to the irresistibly saccharine melodies, it sounds like a search party of Peter Gabriel, Foster The People and Vampire Weekend traipsing through the jungles of St. Lucia on a quest for the holy grail.  Add a touch of magic from Andrew Maury (of RAC) in the form of mixing duties and you've got the perfect summer smash dipped in white gold. Call it what you want, but mark our words - "All Of The People" is about to make some serious waves in the NYC pop landscape.

DOWNLOAD: "All Of The People" - Panama Wedding [exclusive]

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


By now you've probably heard that we've got a new thing going at The Westway to help launch their new and improved live setup, and it's kicking off tomorrow with our nearest and dearest Savoir Adore and French Horn Rebellion. And what better way to set the mood for tomorrow's star-crossed pairing than to revisit a recent "collaboration" of theirs, when French Horn Rebellion remixed Savoir Adore's summer classic, "Dreamers", into a house party burner. It's a loopy disco-singed rework that will make the condensation stretch across your cocktail glass. Come live the dream with us tomorrow and bask in Savoir Adore's au naturel glow, tickets still available HERE.

DOWNLOAD: "Dreamers" (French Horn Rebellion Remix) - Savoir Adore


We've always had a weakness for Polarsets. Newcastle's finest have been melting our faces off with their breezy tropical heat since 2011 when we brought their debut single "Morning" into the world in all its 7" glory. And now with their debut album on the way, they're back with a true return to form, a sparkling studio version of an early favorite, "Just Don't Open Your Eyes Yet". Unsurprisingly, it's an electronic pop sandstorm of weathervaning synths and island percussion that soaks through the summer sweat. Just don't be surprised when all you're left with is a sugar hangover and the perfect tan. The single officially drops September 1st.

STREAM: "Just Don't Open Your Eyes Yet" - Polarsets [exclusive]

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


We're calling it: Smallpools are about to take over. Over the past few months, we've helped roll out their larger-than-life debut singles "Dreaming" and "Mason Jar" to rapturous response, and today the boys of summer arrive for reals with their self-titled debut EP, adorned by none other than Captain Cuts' own Ryan McMahon (in all his baller status 8th grade yearbook glory) on the cover.

Anchoring the collection is quite possibly their biggest chart-baiting single to date in new cut "Over & Over", a live highlight that almost stole the show this past Saturday at Brooklyn Bowl. Opening with crosshatching guitar scratches that unravel into a riff-driven blast of sandy air to awaken your senses, it's got one of the biggest choruses to hit the alt-radio landscape in as long as we can remember and is yet another piece of heavy artillery in Smallpools' imminent assault on the charts. Batten down the hatches and cop the full EP for yourself from iTunes right HERE.

STREAM: "Over & Over" - Smallpools


Cardiknox are a new NYC two piece primed to turn heads in the flourishing New York dance scene. Debut offering "Hold Me Down" is a death-defying breath of crisp air, all girl gang shouts and grimy roller disco synths that run circles around your head. It almost sounds like a gritty Lower East Side Icona Pop bristling with the dangerous energy of a Tarantino Bride, recalling the ice cold femme fatale pop of mid-2000’s standouts like Ladytron and New Young Pony Club in the process.  Get familiar below.

STREAM: "Hold Me Down" - Cardiknox [exclusive]

Monday, July 15, 2013


Well friends, the wait is over. We're BEYOND thrilled to announce the arrival of St. Lucia's debut album, our first ever full-length release, this autumn. It's called When The Night, it's out October 8th through Neon Gold with some help from our friends at Columbia, and it's everything we ever hoped it would be and more. And best of all, it's preceded today by "Elevate", the first single lifted from the album and the summer anthem you've been waiting your whole life for. It's a sun-kissed slice of hot tropics pop that crashes over you like a supersonic wave machine of pure euphoria, and it's pretty much been our favorite song since the day we first saw St. L live. Look no further guys, your song of the summer has arrived.

STREAM: "Elevate" - St. Lucia

Friday, July 12, 2013


Bad Suns aren't our usual cup of tea but we know a sensational lip-smacking indie rock scorcher when we hear one. Alt radio, meet Bad Suns. Bad Suns, meet alt radio. You're about to be BEST FRIENDS.

STREAM: "Cardiac Arrest" - Bad Suns

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Less than two months ago, Smallpools weren't even a thing - there was no music available, no live show to see, even Google couldn't find them. But now, on the back of an instant summer classic called "Dreaming" (premiered on these very pages), they've gone from complete obscurity to scaling the alternative charts seemingly overnight. They're basically your new kings of summer, and today they're back to further entrench themselves on the throne with their latest offering, "Mason Jar."

It's a sepia splash of power-pop that crystallizes into a starscraping smash before the verse even kicks in, as stadium-sized Of Monsters And Men gang vocals ride high on the buoyant flair of Smallpools' youthful, Two Door-esque ebullience. Smallpools make their worldwide live debut this Saturday at Popshop Brooklyn (tickets still avail HERE), and you better believe it's going to be a night to remember. Don't take our word for it though, pop the top off "Mason Jar" below and see for yourself.

STREAM: "Mason Jar" - Smallpools [exclusive]

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


CALLING ALL OUR RELEVANT FRIENDS: We Are Scientists headline Popshop NYC tomorrow on a dream come true bill that's dangerously close to selling out already. And to coincide with their UK headline tour later this month, they're releasing a special 7" of songs they recorded for fun to burn off leftover creative stream after the album sessions. We're excited to premiere brand new track "Something About You" right here, right now. It's a rollicking paean to a girl of their dreams that we have a feeling will tear up the stage tomorrow if they so choose to grace us with it. Tickets are still available but going fast, so get yours HERE before it's too late.

STREAM: "Something About You" - We Are Scientists [exclusive]

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Our kindred Brooklyn spirits Ghost Beach are back with a brand new single called "Moon Over Japan", and it's the perfect appetizer before their feast of a headline set at Popshop BK this weekend. This time around, the boys rock their best island shirts, drive west to the Pacific, and whip up a feel-good monsoon of tessellating falsetto that rushes right through you. Tickets are still available for this Saturday at The Bowl HERE, and with Smallpools (making their live debut) and Bad Things rounding out the bill, this is not one you're gonna want to miss.

STREAM: "Moon Over Japan" - Ghost Beach

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Since opening in 2011, The Westway has swiftly established itself as a premiere NYC nightlife institution. Now - after a complete overhaul of their soundsystem and an upgrade to the live stage - the club's ready to become a force to be reckoned with in the NYC live scene. To celebrate we're teaming up with our friends at Popgun to bring some incredible shows their way this summer, and the first is coming in hot this month with our resident dreamweavers Savoir Adore.

Hot on the heels of the re-release of their immaculate new album and a sold out headline at Glasslands, we're stoked to have Savoir topping the marquee for our maiden voyage at Westway alongside support from family friends French Horn Rebellion. We couldn't be more excited to welcome a stellar new live venue to the fold, so be sure to come out for our latest foray into the great party unknown. It's all going down at 75 Clarkson Street on July 18th at 8pm, with $12 advance tickets available HERE. See you there.

STREAM: "Dreamers" - Savoir Adore

STREAM: "Dancing Out" - French Horn Rebellion


After shining on his remix debut for MS MR's "Fantasy", the band's full-time drummer (and part-time Vine superstar) Zach Nicita is quickly making a name for himself in the remix game. Next up is a complete reinvention of last year's folk-step masterpiece, "Breezeblocks" by Alt-J, which we're excited to unveil to the world today. NICITA takes the peppy original, strips away its playful whimsy and adds a shadow layer of concussive percussives that slice through thin air, like a rattling hypnosis that snakes its way into your ears and down your spine. Keep an eye on this guy.

DOWNLOAD: "Breezeblocks" (NICITA Remix) - Alt J [exclusive]