Monday, December 22, 2008


It's hard for me to endorse such a blatant appeal for credibility by a major corporation as Green Label Sound, in which Mountain Dew commissions artists to provide them with exclusive mp3s for distribution through their website, but I must say they've got some fucking great ears behind this thing. Earlier this year they brought us the amazing "Daylight" by Matt & Kim, and now they're back with another hit, this time courtesy of Flosstradamus and Chairlift's Caroline Polachek. "Big Bills" is Flosstradamus' first original production, and while Polachek's vocals seem like a curious fit at first, the incredible chorus goes down as one of the best and most infectious of the year. Follow the link below for the MP3.

LINK: "Big Bills" (ft. Caroline Polachek) - Flosstradamus

// Frosk //

Friday, December 19, 2008


The Giantess guys are some of our favorite bros around and they've been producing nothing but fire in the studio as of late. "You Were Young" is the latest slice of pop bliss to emerge from Bo Flex HQ, and we're here to hook you up with an xxxclusive first listen. Spiraling synths, infectious hooks and a seriously ill bridge that sounds like Daft Punk on a sugar high, listening to this is like flying down the yellow brick road at 100 mph while its raining ecstasy and skittles. Taste the rainbow, bitches.

MP3: "You Were Young" - Giantess ((exclusive))

Monday, December 15, 2008


We revealed last month our imminent collaboration with the amazing Marina & The Diamonds, and while some unforeseen delays have forced us to push back the release until the new year, we're thrilled to announce that Marina's debut single will at long last find it's way into the hands of the masses via Neon Gold this coming Valentine's Day. To make the wait more bearable, we've got the wonderful music video - beautifully directed on a non-existent budget by Tim Brown - above and are making the finished version of the track available for FREE download below. The demo remains one of our favorite tracks of the year, but the single version sports immense new production from Liam Howe that elevates the original to new heights of pop perfection. This is widescreen technicolor pop bliss that's sure to make Marina one of the most talked about new talents of 2009. Enjoy.

MP3: "Obsessions" - Marina & The Diamonds ((exclusive))

"Obsessions" is Marina's dramatic masterwork and the spotlight track here, but the single's another double A-side release with the equally impressive left field pop smash that is "Mowgli's Road" turning up the intensity on the flipside. While "Obsessions" might tempt hasty comparisons to other British starlets currently gigging around the UK, "Mowgli's Road" (available for streaming on our myspace) could quite easily be a standalone single in its own right, an unquestionably original breath of fresh air that puts Marina in a league of her own among her likeminded contemporaries. The two tracks combine to form an incredibly bold statement intent for such a young talent and establish Marina as a force to be reckoned with in the new year.

Limited to 500 copies worldwide (250 for the US and 250 for the UK/Europe) and featuring original artwork from the NYC's brilliant Mogollon collective, the record's currently available for preorder from the Neon Gold Shop (US customers) and Puregroove (international customers). Oh and did we mention the first 50 preorders will receive SIGNED copies? Because they will. Yeah, get on this. Grab the free mp3 above and sit tight for more details on the release, as there's plenty more excitement to come on this one, including remixes from Giantess, Little Boots and more.

// Tim Brown //

Friday, December 12, 2008


2008 wasn't quite the banner year for UK indie we've seen in the past, but Northern Irish bright young things Two Door Cinema Club are here to make sure that won't be the case in '09. Touted by industry types as Vampire Weekend meets the Postal Service and all manner of other vaguely fitting comparisons, the Bangor three piece aren't easily pigeonholed but bring a high octane brand of electronically-leaning guitar pop that sets them apart from their like-minded indie contemporaries. Our three protagonists all pitch in vocals over top melodic guitar lines and a faithful drum machine, all of which converge to lend their tracks an air of refreshing vitality and frantic energy the likes of which hasn't been seen in quite some time.

"Undercover Martyn" is the standout track from the band's buzzworthy Four Words To Stand On EP and it's accompanying video (above) is a simple yet effective treatment that highlights the band's aesthetic perfectly. The track's being kept under wraps for the moment, but they've been nice enough to sort us with an exclusive demo to make available for download. "Hands Off My Cash, Monty" is a damn fine song in its own right and just another reason these guys are one of our hottest tips for '09.

MP3: "Hands Off My Cash, Monty" (Demo) - Two Door Cinema Club ((exclusive))

Elsewhere, the results are in and the winners of the Passion Pit remix contest have been crowned over at Finger On The Pulse. The third installment of their No Big Deal party series at Glasslands last Friday was out of control and saw Mr. and Mrs. Neon Gold taking professionalism to new heights of dranx'd while Passion Pit played one of their most fun sets to date. Cheers to FOTP and Palms Out Sound for throwing down one of the best parties we've been to all year and be sure to check out the fresh crop of "Sleepyhead" remixes up for download here.

// Brian Phillip Davis //

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We hinted at a brilliant remix of Cut Copy's new single "Far Away" coming down the pipeline courtesy of The Golden Filter a few weeks back, and now they've gone ahead and brought it forth to the masses. Keeping the blueprint of the original largely intact, they inject it with their churning synth style and elevate it to new heights of baller. If the duo can consistently bring heat like this on future reworks you can fully expect them to be all over the remix game in the months to come.

MP3: "Far Away" (The Golden Filter Remix) - Cut Copy

In other news, we've decided to bite the bullet and join the Twitter party, so feel to get all up in our tweetspace here.

// Through The Golden Filter //

Thursday, December 4, 2008


The Golden Filter pretty much brought the house down last week at Heaven, but originally slated for the opening slot were our very own friends in Pink Stallone. Coming off like Danger remixing the Flashdance theme, "Swiss Ambulance" landed on xxjfg earlier this year and apparently impressed the shit out of the Late of the Pier bros who headlined and curated last week's Heaven showdown, but airfare expenses rendered their appearance at the night impossible. Pink Stallone are here to stay though, as oven fresh new track "Ghostfriend" further establishes them as rising stars on the electro scene. With a single release on the Pier's Zarcorp imprint potentially in the works and the Jersey kids' slow-burning lounge disco jams consistently putting them head and shoulders above most other US based electronic acts kicking around at the moment, look for Pink Stallone to do start seriously fucking shit up in the new year.

MP3: "Ghostfriend" - Pink Stallone

// Benedict Radcliffe //

Monday, December 1, 2008


It's damn hard to be home after what might have been the best string of nights of our respective lives, as Neon Gold's first proper invasion of London since launching things back in September was one to fucking remember. The nights were late, the British girls cute and the drinks plenty, and it'll be a few days before either of us feel like functioning human beings again. Easing the recovery process is Ellie Goulding, a lovely girl we met over there who's just about the most promising thing we've heard in ages, and this is coming from kids who generally aren't crazy about girls with guitars. At just 21 she's a phenomenal talent - a songwriter beyond her years with a wonderfully unique voice that's equal parts vulnerable and hopeful, quiet and powerful. There are few unsigned artists of her caliber kicking around at the moment and tracks like the Frankmusik collaboration that follows have her distancing herself from the pack at a rapid pace. "Wish I Stayed" is electro for the introspective set and you better believe we can't wait to hear more. Expect big things in '09.

MP3: "Wish I Stayed" (ft. Frankmusik) - Ellie Goulding ((exclusive))