Friday, November 26, 2010


As the year winds to a close, Patrick Wolf's comeback single "Time Of My Life" stands out as a late entry to our singles of the year race and the most exciting thing we've heard from the British troubadour since 2007's The Magic Position. While we can't share the original ahead of its December 6th release date, we've got the next best thing for you in the form of yet another immense Leo Zero remix. The single's an orchestral pop masterpiece and Leo Zero keeps its blueprint faithfully intact, transposing churning synths and a balearic bounce over the emotive piano stabs and lush strings arrangements of Wolf's original. Hot on the heels of the truly amazing Lissie remix we couldn't stop playing a few months back, Leo's latest takes Wolf's inspiring anthem of life after love to triumphant new heights and is just another reason he's one of the most sought after remixers in the game right now.

MP3: "Time Of My Life" (Leo Zero Dub) - Patrick Wolf

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We won't front like we're overly familiar with San Franciscan nightcrawler oOoOO - or anyone else from that whole witch-house/drag scene for that matter - but his rework of Marina & The Diamonds' destabilizing anthem (and vintage Neon Gold single) "Obsessions" just arrived on the scene and it's nothing short of amazing. Haunting and emotive, oOoOO's remix underscores the intense drama of the original, enunciating each piano chord with expansive reverb as ominous synths wash eerily across the mix and Marina's lyrics drift in and out of the track's consciousness like a beautiful nightmare. Heavy.

MP3: "Obsessions" (oOoOO Remix) - Marina & The Diamonds

Monday, November 22, 2010


Savoir Adore are quietly becoming one of our favorite bands in New York City, as they continue to rise to prominence as one of this town's best up and coming live acts and purveyors of the highest standard of boy-girl fronted indie pop. Having first hooked us with 2009's In The Wooded Forest LP and it's triumphant single "Bodies", the Brooklyn four-piece continue to shine on new single "Loveliest Creature". Standing out as the sterling highlight of their recent set at our CMJ showcase last month (complete with its own choreographed routine), they've since made the track available for free download as their new single. Recalling the best moment of Stars' cherished catalog, it's a much-welcomed addition to our fall playlist at Neon Gold HQ, its understated natural beauty complimenting the change of seasons perfectly.

MP3: "Loveliest Creature" - Savoir Adore

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Mr. Little Jeans was one of our most cherished additions to the Neon Gold roster in 2010, so it's with great pleasure that we announce her hotly-anticipated sophomore single on our little label this month. A significant departure from the roaring guitars of debut single "Angel", "Rescue Song" is her most intimate track yet, all soft tones and wintry comforts as the Norwegian chanteuse draws the listener to safety with her gentle, honey-throated vocals. It's been the definitive fan favorite from day one - an early version of the song soundtracked HP's Create Amazing ad campaign last year - and it's the perfect track to bundle up with by the fire as the winter months arrive and the first snowfall drifts silently by the window. On the flipside is "Valentine", another heartfelt slowburner that rides a percussive gallop through a thick fog of dreary industrial synths towards one of the strongest choruses of the young singer's career. The two tracks compliment each other brilliantly, coming together in perfect harmony as the quintessential double A-side single on what's yet another reason why Mr. Little Jeans should be all over your radar are as one of the most hotly-tipped artists for 2011.

MP3: "Rescue Song" - Mr. Little Jeans [exclusive]

And as if the single itself wasn't exciting enough, there's also a phenomenal remix package coming together around the release. We premiered the epic Royal Palms remix on the blog last month, and still to come are amazing reworks from The Naked & Famous and RAC, so be sure to watch this space. The whole affair is limited to 300 copies and is released on the 29th of November, complete with another round of perfect cover artwork from our beloved FRAU GRAU and available for preorder now from the Neon Gold Shop and Puregroove. Get some!

Monday, November 15, 2010


After storming through London last week, our Kiwi heroes The Naked & Famous make their way to New York for their debut US shows this week, lighting up an already sold out show at the Mercury Lounge on Friday before taking it across the bridge to Brooklyn Bowl on Saturday. We're thrilled to announce we'll be putting on the latter (in affiliation with Filter and GBH), complete with Savoir Adore supporting live and our bros for life Yes Giantess on the decks all night long. It's a late show (just the way we like it) starting at 11:30 with bands on at 12 and 1, and with tickets only $5 on the door (or FREE WITH RSVP) it just might be the best night that money can buy next weekend. To ring in the occasion, we've got an exclusive remix of the band's triumphant Neon Gold anthem "Young Blood", courtesy of Australia's Thieves of Aon. It's 6 minutes of unadulterated hands-in-the-lasers dancefloor fury, the sonic equivalent of Lindsay Lohan on a three day coke-and-ecstasy bender. You've been warned.

MP3: "Young Blood" (Thieves of Aon Remix) - The Naked & Famous [exclusive]

Friday, November 12, 2010


We've been meaning to write about London's FOE for so long it's not even hilarious, but fortunately the British chanteuse writes the kind of haunting torchsongs that refuse to fade with time. Together with her writing partner in crime Entrepeneurs, FOE pens the kind of eerily mesmerizing ballads that recall early Florence & The Machine, before the major label budgets and popstar makeover brought her sound to the masses. "A Handsome Stranger Called Death" is her quintessential track, all funereal synths and doom-and-gloom beats as FOE sings of a brush with death himself: "tall dark and handsome / a cigar in your mouth / a little black dog and the biggest smile".

MP3: "A Handsome Stranger Called Death" - FOE

Thursday, November 11, 2010


We've been remiss in not showing more love to Entrepreneurs to this point, especially after he's worked such wonders on remixes of Neon Gold alums Penguin Prison and Marina & The Diamonds, but it's high time we rectified that situation. With no idea of what to expect heading into the self-described "karaoke set" he dropped at our London Neon Gold party with The Knocks on Wednesday, we were blown away with a massive set of heavy, abrasive beats as the electronic maestro deftly interwove his own live vocals throughout a collection of loops and samples of his original works and remixes. Impressive even in the context of his early evening opening slot, it's the kind of thing warehouse party dreams are made of, and we can only imagine how immense his sets will be once he assembles a full band around the project. Marina herself was in attendance as he dropped his "Mowgli's Road" remix, the undeniable highlight of his set and the perfect introduction to the Entrepeneurs sound, the primal pandemonium of his synthesized beats meshing perfectly with the animalistic shrieks and howls of the original.

MP3: "Mowgli's Road" (Entrepreneurs Remix) - Marina & The Diamonds

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So it's been a long minute since we've been back to our second home across the pond, but we're pleased to announce we'll be making our triumphant return to London this week with our dudes The Knocks in tow. To celebrate, we're throwing down at XOYO next Wednesday the 10th with The Knocks debut London show, complete with our beloved Spark and the mesmerizing Entrepreneurs supporting. Doors are at 8pm with Entrepreneurs taking the stage shortly thereafter for a so-called karaoke set (ooooh) that will mark their first show ever. Rounding out the line up will be Chiddy Bang beatsmith Xaphoon Jones getting large in the DJ booth with us on the ones and twos all night long. The show is also FREE ENTRY, so come one come all and let's throw down in a big way. To mark the occasion we've got a fiery exclusive remix of the Knocks new single "Dancing With The DJ" courtesy of our dudes Xaphoon and Chiddy, who will also be hitting London this week to light up King's College this Saturday. So yeah, BIG WEEK.

MP3: "Dancing With The DJ" (Chiddy Bang Remix) - The Knocks [exclusive]

Monday, November 1, 2010


We like to think we have a fairly rich pedigree of female pop talent here at Neon Gold, as we gaze fondly at the busts of Marina & The Diamonds, Ellie Goulding and Mr. Little Jeans lining the halls in the pantheon of Neon Gold leading ladies. So it's with great pleasure that we pass the torch on to a special newcomer by the name of Spark, who's enchanting sophomore single "Revolving" will bear our crest when it drops 15th November.

We first fell in love with Spark (quite literally born Jess Sparkle Morgan) via the breathtaking Monsieur Adi remix of her debut single "Shut Out The Moon", so it only seemed right that we invite the Italian Frenchman back for another round of remixing Ms. Morgan on "Revolving". The result is a stroke of minor genius, as Adi forgoes the stale electro beats that plague the blog remix scene in favor of electrifying strings arrangements while Spark bares her soul over his dramatic orchestal backdrop. Experience the remix for yourself below, and be sure to visit Spark's Soundcloud where you can hear the original version of "Revolving" and its accompanying B-side "Wrap".

MP3: "Revolving" (Monsieur Adi Rework, Allegro in C Minor) - Spark [exclusive]

With FRAUGRAU back again for another round of slick cover artwork, the gorgeous white vinyl 7" hits shelves November 15th and is currently available for preorder from the Neon Gold Shop as well as our British friends across the pond at Puregroove, who have an exciting new pop shop arriving next month as they search for a new permanent home for their operations. Happy preordering!