Monday, October 31, 2011


The mystery dudes in NYC/Boston collective Black Light Dinner Party already impressed us earlier this year with their debut offering "Older Together", and now they're back with yet another eskimo-kissed tune for the coming winter (cue Game of Thrones theme). Their newest single "Gold Chain" sojourns into the white wilderness with a flurry of uplifting synth progressions and well-enunciated guitars that join forces in an all-out Avengers joint effort. Rounding out the mix are hopelessly romantic lyrics that would seem otherwise saccharine if not for the remarkably hooky melodies that carry them and the song to another level entirely. Black Light Dinner Party drape a neon gold necklace over you that grows brighter as each verse piles on glowing sentiment upon sentiment, and if grown-up playground love could be encapsulated in four minutes of pop nirvana, this would be the soundtrack.

MP3: "Gold Chain" - Black Light Dinner Party [exclusive]

Friday, October 28, 2011


So after taking October off to focus on all things CMJ, we're back in the game with All Things Go to bring another massive ALL THINGS GOLD blowout to DC next month. U Street Music Hall is still picking up the pieces from September's installment when Russ Chimes and Starsmith reduced it to smoldering ash with two of the biggest sets we've ever witnessed, and this time we're back with another massive headlining DJ set from the world wide web's finest, The Hood Internet. Then supporting live we've got our favorite Brooklyn partystarters Body Language - who absolutely killed it at Popshop 006 last June - and the much anticipated US debut (!!!) of our latest international additions to the Neon Gold family, Polarsets.

Having witnessed blindingly brilliant shows from both bands in the last six months we can assure you this won't be one to miss, and with The Hood Internet in the mix too - not to mention our resident decks master Lightwaves opening things up - this could well be the biggest one yet. As per usual, advance tickets are available HERE for $10 or $13 day of show. Do the right thing.

09:45pm: Polarsets // STREAM: "Leave Argentina"

10:45pm: Body Language // DOWNLOAD: "Falling Out"

11:30pm: Hood Internet // DOWNLOAD: "Pumped Up Kicks (Hood Internet Remix)

1:00am: Lightwaves // DOWNLOAD: "Eskimo Boy" (Lightwaves Remix)

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Halloween's swiftly approaching and with impeccable timing, Chrome Canyon (who first enchanted us with his Kate Bush rework earlier this year) returns to transform St. Lucia's massive single, "All Eyes On You", into a 21st century "Thriller", dancing zombie parts and all. Dressing them up in an '80s frightside costume, the Apes & Androids alumnus gives St. Lucia the ol' 1-2 bite, injecting some Daft Punk funk into their varicose veins with all the aggressive bombast of those early Justice records. It's a spectacularly dark remix under Chrome Canyon's watchful gaze, who like an omnivident Sauron eye, always knows how to pick up the suspense right when the end is in sight. It's a wicked reinterpretation of one of our absolute favorite songs of the year, and we've left it out on our doorstep below for y'all to sink your teeth into for free. Not a trick, just a treat.

MP3: "All Eyes On You" (Chrome Canyon Remix) - St. Lucia


Citizens are a fresh new four-piece hailing from stormy London who seem to have it all figured out already. Let's just say their masterful debut single, "True Romance", is a breath of sunshine-spiked air in an otherwise overcrowded pop landscape. With a simple backbone of a drum beat and peppy piano chords, the instrumental bounces along with a childlike naivete that sounds like All Time Quarterback growing up before your very eyes. It all seems innocent enough until frontman, Matt West's Hot Chip-y vocals sweep you off your feet and steal you away from the droll life you once had, in the best runaway imaginable. Things get real at the chorus, as that persistent "true romance" refrain serves to underscore the tragic darkness that lies beneath the whimsical xylophones, refocusing everything on the ambivalent ultimatum of West's dissonant singing. Citizens then manage to harness the raw, unbridled energy of other young prodigies like Reptar and Is Tropical, to magically conjure up a happy ending when it seems like all hope is lost. This is one incredibly infectious tune, full stop.

MP3: "True Romance" - CITIZENS!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


As residents of the rage haven that is New York City, we've had our fair share of gripes about the concrete jungle and its dehumanizing tendencies, but we've also found the silver lining in the form of honest, homegrown pop duos like Ghost Beach. While their debut single "Empty Streets" isn't the most lyrically optimistic, there's a certain magnetism that appeals to our soft inner core that ultimately manifests itself in an overwhelming pop radiance. It's more cathartic than depressing, maybe because it sounds like a post-punk Passion Pit, all skyscraping synth lines with the jilted lover's vocals expertly oscillating between solid ground and high-flying falsetto breaks with athletic ease. It's the kind of thing that leaves you feeling like a modern Peter Pan, with both your shadow and your youth intact.

We're also fans of their very Instagram-ready video (above) that lets you keep your head in the clouds and daydream away. The pacing is brilliant, with the treading shiny shoes and the gradual reveal of the female anti-hero delving into the wild, for some quality alone time. It's like post-breakup, when the pros eventually outweigh the cons - even if it's just in your head - and the self-deprecation turns into a mature, blissed-out feeling of independence. We have to admit, dancing on your own with a glass of wine, sparklers, confetti, and balloons usually does do the trick for temporary healing. Let "Empty Streets" take you over, then mark your calendars for December 1st when Ghost Beach will make their live debut on the Popshop stage, kicking off a celebration for the ages as the first year of Popshop NYC comes to a close in style.

MP3: "Empty Streets" - Ghost Beach

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


We know we're all still in serious recovery mode from CMJ, but it's time to break out those raging shoes once again, because POPSHOP011 is coming in hot next week with another big lineup for y'all. Hot on the heels of the release of their critically acclaimed debut album and a sold out tour supporting Metronomy, Class Actress are our flourishing headliners this month, with Wild West up and comers The Chain Gang of 1974 - fresh off a string of dates supporting our Neon Gold fam The Naked & Famous - keeping things real in the direct support slot. Then we've got our beloved St. Lucia, coming in STRONG after establishing themselves as one of the most buzzed about bands at CMJ last week, and Philadelphia's finest CSLSX getting things started early. SERIOUSLY excited about this lineup.

As usual, to tend to all your raging needs we've got an Absolut Vodka open bar getting things started from 8pm-9pm, and you can cop your advance tickets HERE. We've got an extremely limited number of early bird tickets available for $10, before the price jumps to $13 in advance and $15 day of show, so act fast. This is going to be a GREAT one.

09:00pm: CSLSX // DOWNLOAD: "Keep On Shining"

10:00pm: St. Lucia // DOWNLOAD: "We Got It Wrong"

11:00pm: The Chain Gang of 1974 // STREAM: "Hold On"

12:00am: Class Actress // DOWNLOAD: "Keep You"


We've been telling y'all St. Lucia was the one to watch since forever ago, but last week the rest of the world caught up as the band played their debut NYC shows at CMJ, culminating in a powerhouse set at our New Shapes party on Friday. It was also the masses' first chance to experience some of the as-yet-unreleased highlights from the band's immaculate forthcoming debut EP. Lead track "We Got It Wrong" has been racking up a dangerous playcount as one of our favorite tracks of the year, and though we gave you a little taste with a streaming premier on Lenno's CMJ megamix before CMJ, we're here with the real deal mp3 for you now.

Hit play and within seconds, the world starts to swirl around you, your senses begin to blur and you find yourself in another space and time completely. More awestruck than disoriented, you're off on what feels like a runaway train, galloping along at dangerous speeds on the wings of euphoric synths and shouty group vocals. There's a surprise around every turn (that synth breakdown in the middle? AMAZING.) and before you know it the ride is over, as "We Got It Wrong" switches gears entirely and fades back into the mists of pop from whence it came with a wistful brass arrangement. It's completely and utterly brilliant and our favorite track from the St. Lucia camp yet. If this is what it sounds like when they get it wrong, then god dammit, WE DON'T WANT TO BE RIGHT.

MP3: "We Got It Wrong" - St. Lucia

Monday, October 17, 2011


We know we don't have to tell y'all twice, but CMJ week is officially upon us and it's going to be LARGE. We've announced our two showcases for those lucky enough to be in the greater New York area this week, but now we've got some major updates for you before things kick into full swing. In addition to the formidable performers already on the bill (above), we're thrilled to announce Little Boots as the special guest headline DJ on our double-decker New Shapes CMJ blowout. Also joining the lineup will be our new favorite synth-pop outfit Brite Futures, getting things started downstairs at 6:30pm just as the open bar from Bulldog Gin is kicking into high gear.

The news doesn't stop there though. We've know we've set a precedent with The Knocks' Popshop Radio minimixes, but now Lenno's gone and raised the bar with an exclusive megamix featuring the stars of this year's New Shapes bill, complete with a flurry of oven fresh exclusives. The mix features some of this year's greatest tunes, like our latest release from Savoir Adore and a double dose of Is Tropical, as well as some fiery exclusives from St. Lucia and The Knocks. Rounding out the stack is the world premier of Xaphoon Jones' deep space nine edit of "Dreamers", which - let's be real - is headline news in and of itself.

Before you check out the full tracklist below, keep in mind that we've got a two hour OPEN BAR of Bulldog Gin and sixteen of the best and brightest the world has to offer for only $5 a pop (or $10 on the door), so if you haven't already, make sure to cop your tickets HERE before it's too late. Friendly faces? Check. Friendly prices? Check. Consider this a friendly warning.

1. "Somebody That I Used To Know (ft. Kimbra)" - Gotye
2. "Berlin" - Is Tropical
3. "Beaches & Friends" - French Horn Rebellion
4. "Firework" (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix) - Katy Perry
5. "The Greeks" (Tagteam Terror Remix) - Is Tropical
6. "We Got It Wrong" - St. Lucia [exclusive]
7. "Dreamers" - Savoir Adore
8. "All Eyes On You" (Chrome Canyon Remix) - St. Lucia [exclusive]
9. "Stay Kids" (John Hancock Mix) - ANR
10. "High Society" (Gordon Voidwell Remix) - Bear Hands
11. "Remedy" (Buffetlibre vs Sidechains Remix) - Little Boots
12. "Brightside" (Lenno Remix) - The Knocks [exclusive]
13. "Anna Sun" - Walk The Moon
14. "Dreamers" (Xaphoon Jones Remix) - Savoir Adore [exclusive]

Friday, October 14, 2011


We've been on about Savoir Adore for quite a while now, who in the past twelve months have gone from one of our favorite new bands in Brooklyn to our absolute favorite boy-girl duo in the game, swiftly overshadowing your Mates of States and even your Matt + Kims of the world. And that was even before they unleashed "Dreamers", their masterstroke of a new single and arguably the best song we've heard all year. It's a SPECIAL track, so it's with great pleasure that we bring it into the world next month on Neon Gold, just in time for it to become your most essential track of autumn 2011.

It opens innocuously enough, as the crescendo emerges gradually from the ominous mists of the intro, before the synths drop with the full centripetal force of a rollercoaster, swooping in and around staccato guitar picks and frontman Paul Hammer's ethereal vocals. Then at the chorus, it's lady vocalist Deidre Muro's turn, as the synths let up and give her center stage before returning with all the emotional gravity of a thousand heartbreaks in the second verse. It all reaches a fever pitch in the middle eight, as this palpable combination of dreamweaving harmonies, self-assured handclaps, and textured synths come together to play out like a slow-burning cinematic threesome. From there, "Dreamers" builds and builds like a stairway to synth heaven and once you've reached the top, there's just no turning back.

It's a timeless slice of ethereal pop brilliance and one of our absolute favorite tracks of the year, and we hope it'll be yours too. Limited to 300 copies worldwide, "Dreamers" comes true 11.11.11, complete with an empire-toppling space horn remix from Xaphoon Jones on the B-side. Preorder is available from the Neon Gold Shop now, but as were strong believers in instant gratification, you can find a free download of the mp3 right here, no waiting required. Go ahead, live the dream.

MP3: "Dreamers" - Savoir Adore [exclusive]

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Here at Neon Gold, we're no stranger to Kyla La Grange's feminine wiles. Her latest single "Heavy Stone" picks up where the endless promise of early singles "Walk Through Walls" and "Been Better" left off, but it's the sterling AA-side "Lambs" we're here to talk about today. The perfect example of Kyla's illustrious brand of orchestral pop, "Lambs" comes complete with the production luster of a chart hit coupled with the blistering emotion of a love letter, all haunted atmospherics bundled in a tightly knit blanket of uplifting keys and drums. Consider this yet another checkmate for our UK brethren Chess Club Records, with whom La Grange will be putting out "Heavy Stone"/"Lamb" on October 17th.

MP3: "Lambs" - Kyla La Grange [exclusive]

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


For the uninitiated, New Shapes is a little thing we do with some of our promoter friends every CMJ and SXSW, and it only seems to get bigger with each passing year. Bands who have graced the New Shapes stage in the past include Mystery Jets, The Naked & Famous, Theophilus London, Local Natives, Grouplove and many more, and things are only going to get bigger this year as we team up with Duracell and take things back to where it all began in 2009 at Santos Party House in Lower Manhattan. Taking over both stages of Santos from 6pm to 4am, we've got some of the best new acts the world has to offer and cordially invite you to join us for what we aspire to make the premier live event of CMJ 2011.

After more than five long years of keeping us waiting, Gotye finally makes his US debut at CMJ this year, storming our shores as one of the most talked about bands at CMJ 2011. He'll be headlining our show in the 12am slot on the main stage before the late night acts takes over, as The Knocks keep things moving into the early hours in the 1am live slot, before a very special headline DJ set from our secret special guest and a late night power set from Lenno closing things out at 3am. Rounding out the main stage lineup are next huge things Walk The Moon and St. Lucia, two of NYC's finest in Gordon Voidwell and Fort Lean, and Vancouver synth sensations Data Romance.

But wait, there's more. Headlining the downstairs stage we've got the debut US shows from UK electro types Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Is Tropical, plus Neon Gold family favorites ANR and Savoir Adore, and Brooklyn's finest in French Horn Rebellion and Slowdance. Not to mention a downstairs open bar from 6pm-8pm courtesy of Bulldog Gin making sure you get your night started off right. Furthermore, we've got Duracell in the house providing charging stations on both floors, powering your night from start to finish. And the best part? Advance tickets are available HERE for the low low price of $5 (increasing to $10 on the door day of show), but act fast, as this will sell out. Full lineup and set times available below, and be sure to check out Duracell's Facebook page here for the unveiling of the special guest headline DJ on Friday.

07:00pm: Fort Lean // DOWNLOAD: "Beach Holiday"

08:00pm: St. Lucia // DOWNLOAD: "All Eyes On You"

09:00pm: Data Romance // DOWNLOAD: "The Deep"

10:00pm: Gordon Voidwell // STREAM: "Ivy League Circus"

11:00pm: Walk The Moon // DOWNLOAD: "Anna Sun"

12:00am: Gotye // STREAM: "Somebody That I Used To Know"

01:00am: The Knocks // STREAM: "The Brightside"


03:00am: Lenno (DJ) // DOWNLOAD: "Helena Beat" (Lenno Remix)

07:30pm: Slowdance // STREAM: "Sweetness"

08:30pm: Is Tropical // DOWNLOAD: "The Greeks"

09:30pm: ANR // STREAM: "Stay Kids"

10:30pm: Savoir Adore // DOWNLOAD: "Loveliest Creature"

11:30pm: French Horn Rebellion // STREAM: "Beaches & Friends" (The Twelves Edit)

12:30am: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs // STREAM: "Household Goods"

Monday, October 10, 2011


To those of you left cold and alone, longing for the glory of Popshop last Thursday, we must apologize. But dry your eyes friends, because the wait will be worth it, as CMJ is right around the corner and with it comes the biggest Popshop yet. That's right, for the very special CMJ edition of our beloved club night, we're bringing you an expanded MEGA edition of Popshop featuring some of our favorite new acts of 2011.

Headlining we've got Brite Futures live and Xaphoon Jones on the decks, two acts basically born for the Popshop stage as two of the best partystarting names in the game. Then as main support we've got Electric Guest, LA's best new band and our biggest tip for mega stardom in 2012. We've been asked to keep them under wraps to this point, but it's time to let the cat out of the bag and CMJ is going to be a coming out party for the ages - say hello to your favorite new band. Getting things started in the early slots we've got a triple threat of openers, from the anthemic ensemble indie of Louisiana's Royal Teeth, to the dark, Kate Bush-esque pop of Denmark's Fallulah and the ice cold synths of Los Angeles' DWNTWN. Finally, we'll have DC's finest Brenton Duvall, making his Popshop debut at long last and keeping things moving on the decks all night until Xaph takes over in the early hours.

As usual we'll be getting your night started right with an hour of open bar vodka, but we'll be kicking things off an hour earlier this month at 7pm, with the complimentary Absolut flowing freely from 7-8. Also different this month will be the price tag... because there isn't one. That's right, this month's Popshop will be FREE ENTRY with RSVP to Entry will be first come first serve and this will reach capacity (some of you may recall the 1,000+ RSVPs we had for our launch party back in January and the ensuing line around the block), so come early to avoid disappointment. See you soon New York, let's go bigger than ever this month.

08:00pm: Royal Teeth // STREAM: "Wild"

09:00pm: Fallulah // STREAM: "Bridges"

10:00pm: DWNTWN // DOWNLOAD: "Transition" (Dillon Francis Remix)

11:00pm: Electric Guest // STREAM: "Awake"

12:00am: Brite Futures // DOWNLOAD: "Baby Rain"

01:00am: Xaphoon Jones // STREAM: "Colours" (Xaphoon Jones MEGA Edit)




Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Emerging from the mists of pop like an old friend, Sons & Lovers arrive unannounced as a fully realized force to be reckoned with on the UK music landscape. Their triumphant debut single "Set My Heart On Fire" immediately captures your attention by weaving together an impeccable vocal melody with beautifully textured guitars, a sound at once comfortingly familiar and refreshing. Coming correct with the kind of effortlessly anthemic songwriting most bands would kill for, the two piece start things off slow, before softly escalating synths and cymbal crashes give way to mountains of drums and epic group vocals that carry the song to its conclusion with an oceansized sense of purpose and emotional gravity. Even in demo form this is sync gold, the kind of song Radio 1 dreams are made of. So what are you waiting for? Sons & Lovers have already arrived.

MP3: "Set My Heart On Fire" - Sons & Lovers [exclusive]

Monday, October 3, 2011


Marina Diamandis - or Marina & The Diamonds as she's known on the streets - has always held a special place in our hearts as the original matriarch of the Neon Gold (nuclear) family, and we couldn't be more excited to watch her take things to an insane new level on her forthcoming second album. But first today sees the long-awaited release of on one-off single "Radioactive" (on UK iTunes now), lighting up the night sky with the type of sound Top 40 dreams are made of, all the while remaining a quintessential Marina song at it's core.

Nowhere is this more evident than on the emotive acoustic version, as the superclub production (massive electro beats, heavy drops, etc) is stripped away and the raw emotion of Marina's songwriting is laid bare in the spotlight. Wearing her heart on her flowing sleeves and attacking your heartstrings with strong piano jabs and vocal uppercuts a la "Obsessions", the acoustic version teases you along, holding your hand as it leads you into that shadowy suburban cul de sac of a chorus. We'd be remiss not to highlight and embrace the epic Neon Gold shoutout that wakes up the breakdown in the middle eight, but even without that this is an absolute knockout.

MP3: "Radioactive" (Acoustic Version) - Marina & The Diamonds