Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Popshop returns for one final hurrah before SXSW next week with what just might be our most diverse lineup yet. First up are Atlanta's own Watch The Duck, recently signed to Epic by LA Reid and currently blowing up on the back of debut single "Poppin' Off" (seriously watch this video right now). With a supergroup live setup that incorporates breakdance and DJ elements alongside live electronics, it's bound to be one of the most exciting setups we've ever had. Then it's our shining star taking over in the headline slot to celebrate the release of her debut 7" (out now on Neon Gold!) and continue her transatlantic takeover before blowing through SX the next week. And since we just can't get enough free these days, we're doing this free entry once again via RSVP through our friends at DoNYC HERE. It all pops off next Thursday March 7th at Santos Party House, 9pm sharp. First come first serve, come early to ensure entry.

STREAM: "Pilgrim" - MØ

STREAM: "Poppin' Off"- Watch The Duck

Monday, February 25, 2013


We've been basking in Pacific Air's California sunshine since they first arrived on the scene as KO KO this time last year. Between their breezy debut EP and their initial remix offerings, they've put together a pretty pristine CV thus far, and today they add to that with this dreamweaving take on current tour partners Ra Ra Riot's "When I Dream". Misty and celestial like a connect-the-dots constellation, frontman Wes Miles' vocals curl up in Pacific Air's memory foam electronics as the remix unveils itself as a sleeper hit that takes you from the cradle to the dancefloor in no time at all. It's a four and a half minute dream within a dream, as Pacific Air further establish themselves as some of the most promising new remix talents around.

DOWNLOAD: "When I Dream (Pacific Air Remix)" - Ra Ra Riot [exclusive]

Friday, February 22, 2013


Fyfe is London's newest nom de guerre vying for the lofty UK pop throne. As if overnight, power crooner Paul Dixon came from nowhere to turn heads at breakneck speed in the blogosphere and UK radio scene with a single debut titled "Solace". And now it gives us great pleasure to premiere his second offering, "St. Tropez". In a little over 3 minutes, Fyfe manages to stitch together the understated grandeur of a downbeat Miike Snow with the compound urgency of a young Rufus Wainwright. Even the viscous bass drawl and grinding horns get all toasty under his sunny disposition. The only downside is his last name isn't Dangerfield, but we can't hold it against him when the songs are this good. Cop "St. Tropez" below and be on the lookout for his debut EP out April 8th.

STREAM: "St. Tropez" - Fyfe [exclusive]

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Ella Yelich-O'Connor (street name Lorde) is only sixteen years old, but she's already been turning heads for a minute now in her native New Zealand, where her track "Royals" has been picking up serious steam on local airwaves. With all the buoyant leftfield charm of Kimbra and the laidback swagger and sway of Sleigh Bells' Alexis Krauss, Lorde shines bright like a diamond in the rough on debut EP, The Love Club. With regal harmonies and her own songwriting idiosyncrasies, Lorde takes us back to the first time we heard the teenage demos of Marina & The Diamonds and Charli XCX with their youthful vitality and endearing quirks. And for us, that's praise of just about the highest possible order.

DOWNLOAD: "Royals" - Lorde

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


We first profiled Toronto's Nightbox in the summer of 2011, back when they had nothing more than an impressive EP and an ocean of potential to their name. Now nearly two years on, they're back with a debut album set for release later this year and a heater of a comeback single called "Burning". Produced once again by MSTRKRFT's Al-P and Sebastien Grainger, it's a tinderbox of flammable hooks and high octane energy that ultimately opens up into a technicolor chorus of cascading steelpan guitars and soaring vocals. Catch the exclusive premiere of "Burning" below and its accompanying video above, and be sure to keep an eye out for the band's NYC debut on the Neon Gold stage in the coming months.

DOWNLOAD: "Burning" - Nightbox [exclusive]

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Stop the presses, Magic Man are back in the headlines. Since self-releasing their debut album back in 2010, they've graduated college, relocated to Providence and evolved from two kids and a laptop into a five-person pop behemoth. Their first new offering in nearly three years arrived last week in the form of spellbinding new single "Paris", which picks up where the promise of their debut left off with opulent dewdrop piano chords that wash over you like a wistful nostalgia you just can't place. Then the synths drop in and it's off to the races, as the song dances a glorious line between the synthesized stomp of Passion Pit's "Take A Walk" and the pristine keys of Matt & Kim's "Daylight". We're only a few plays in and it's already one of our favorite songs of 2013, so get involved and thank us later. See below to play, s'il vous plaît.

DOWNLOAD: "Paris" - Magic Man

Friday, February 15, 2013


Our in-house superstars MS MR first brought Ghost Loft to our attention on their first Track Addict compilation last summer, back when the Loft's debut offering "Seconds" was just an ominous whisper of truth. Now, as they ready their live show and debut EP for unveiling in the coming months, Ghost Loft is back with an amped up single version of "Seconds," retaining the entrancing startrails of the original but enhancing the atmospheric charm with larger-than-life bass surges and a fresh coat of dark polish. Then there's their enchanting debut video - brought to you by the lensmasters behind the short Neighbourhood films - which feels like a hedonistic Lost In Translation spliced with enough mood lighting and endearing interplay to seduce even the coldest among you. Consider us fully on board the Ghost Loft train.

DOWNLOAD: "Seconds" - Ghost Loft

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Electra Heart (also known as Marina & the Diamonds) is back. She may be one selfish bitch, but today she's found the good will in her heart to give away a brand new track called "E.V.O.L." for free. By flipping "love" around in the mirror mirror on the wall, the pop princess casts an "evol" shadow of brutal honesty that fits right in at her Heartbreak Hotel. Consider this the perfect anti-Valentine's treat.

DOWNLOAD: "E.V.O.L." - Marina & the Diamonds

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


We've got nothing but love for Brooklyn's own tropical paradise, Ghost Beach, who are pushing the kind of pop that takes us back to the '80s childhood we wish we had. On their latest single, "Close Enough", frontman Josh Ocean's vocal acrobatics soar across a chopped-and-skewed vox sample before local lady sensation Noosa swoops down and crushes the guest feature like the world's greatest sidekick. Let's just call it a match made in Neon Gold heaven and leave it at that, guys.

STREAM: "Close Enough (ft. Noosa)" - Ghost Beach


To say that Atlas Genius had a great 2012 is a bit of an understatement. And now, with the release of their much-anticipated debut full-length When It Was Now on the horizon, we're very excited to treat y'all to the world premiere of their most synthesized effort yet, "Electric". The record's aptly-titled lead-off takes off with a truly hypnotic lead-in that leans in and charges forward with superpowered electronic chords and reassuring vocal surges. As the Jeffery boys conduct a hyperactive current of layered instrumentals that jolt you awake then aware, it resonates within you like an unstoppable heartbeat. When It Was Now is out next week (the 19th) and promises to be one of the year's most impressive debuts.

STREAM: "Electric" - Atlas Genius [exclusive]

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


With their latest offering, HAIM are now three releases deep, and as they continue to put the finishing touches on their impossibly-anticipated debut album, it seems people are finally starting to realize just how incredible this record will be. We won't get into that just yet, but if "Falling" is any indication - with its iridescent harmonies, caterwauling guitars, and ultra slick bass licks that sound as if they were express shipped directly from the handsome island of St. Lucia - they have something very special brewing indeed. It's a downward spiral of utmost brilliance, fall head over heels below.

STREAM: "Falling" - HAIM

Monday, February 11, 2013


Our infatuation with Karen Marie Ørsted - or on the streets - started late last year at CMJ and has since snowballed into something so much more. The Danish vixen commands this formidable collage of hip pop and electrosoul that sets her apart from literally everyone else in her class. Thus, it's with boundless excitement that we announce our next 7" release, as we team up with our UK brothers-in-arms Chess Club to bring MØ's Pilgrim into the world later this month.

"Pilgrim" arrives in an avalanche of bloodthirsty energy, armed to the teeth with hell-bent horns and brassy nonchalance. While Karen's impetuous voice clouds your judgment like a ghost on fire, the silhouetting harmonies provide a trustfall of clarity every time the crunch drops. On the flipside, MS MR come correct with a deep sløwburner of a remix delivered straight from the darkest recesses of our palest fantasies.

The Pilgrim 7" drops February 25th on Neon Gold in the US and Chess Club in the UK, but preorder is now available HERE. And be sure to check out MØ live next month, as she returns to our shores to hit Popshop NYC on March 7th and Popshop Brooklyn on March 9th, before taking her dazzling charms to Popshop West on March 12th and SXSW. Not. To. Be. Missed.

STREAM: "Pilgrim" - MØ

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Better great than never, consider this weekend's Popshop Brooklyn an early Valentine's Day present straight from the haert. Making their Brooklyn live debut we've got HAERTS in the headline, with London's own pop femme fatale Yadi kicking off this whole romantic affair in the support slot. It's all going down this Saturday at 11:30PM. If you don't have a date, hey, at least you have Popshop. 


STREAM: "The Blow" - Yadi