Tuesday, September 2, 2008


You can be forgiven if you were like us and too busy preparing for the return of Gossip Girl yesterday to even get near a computer, but don't miss the inaugural post below for all your Passion Pit 7" needs. Moving on though to a band we'd kill to work with but instead must settle on merely hyping, Friendly Fires just dropped their debut album across the pond and it's seriously, seriously excellent. Think Justin Timberlake fronting the Rapture, and as if it's even remotely unclear, that's a really really good thing. No strangers to the scene at this point, they've already done the whole rise-to-prominence-on-the-strength-of-a-flurry-of-promising-early-singles thing and just released their self-titled debut LP to the unwashed masses via XL yesterday. "Paris" and "Photobooth" have been burning up the airwaves for months now, but Friendly Fires has plenty more guilty pleasures for you to get your swerve on to. "Jump In The Pool" is the album's Paul Epworth produced lead single and sounds like a hungover sunrise or the most blissful dancefloor-filler you've ever heard, but "Lovesick" is a fucking jam in it's own right, all criminally smooth basslines and off-the-wall percussion. Thanks to our friends at Abeano and XL Recordings, you can get a taste of the album below, and yeah, you're gonna want to cop this at your earliest convenience. One of the debuts of the year, hands down.

MP3: "Lovesick" - Friendly Fires


Magical Sara said...

Pretty balling.

2plus2isjoe said...

I can't get enough of Friendly Fires, I went to school in the town they played their first gigs in (St. Albans) and never heard about them until they were too big to play there anymore, which kinda sucks. And I missed them at Reading Festival. Ah well, I'll just listen to their album over and over again. Again.