Thursday, September 18, 2008


"Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" was already Vampire Weekend's perfect late summer single, but it got even better when the Radioclit crew jumped on board and threw Esau Mwamwaya into the mix. There's been no shortage of hype surrounding Captain Esau and his fresh African riddims, but this has to be his finest collaboration to date. Radioclit take the track and give it a full cultural makeover, keeping the original's central riff gloriously intact, but dressing it up in all manner of Carnival-flavored bells and whistles as we all cling to the last gasp of summer before reality sets in and it's back to the daily grind of the 9-5.

MP3: "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" (Radioclit Remix) - Vampire Weekend


Unknown said...

Excellent! Really works.

Christopher Skog said...

Good stuff, as usual, always looking forward to your next post, keep it up!