Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Mystery Jets are just about the greatest band in the UK right now. Fact. They're responsible for what is this writer's nigh-on uncontested Album of the Year and a string of some of the best singles to grace Radio One in eons, and their latest offering "Half In Love With Elizabeth" is more of the same. The original is three minutes of classic Britpop bliss in it's own right, but now Delorean have gotten in touch to alert us to the wonders of their very own reimagination of the track, which bumps a reverberating piano beat and some wonderful vocal effects to turn the rollicking original into a more stirring affair. Not what you'd expect from Barcelona's electro whiz kids, but beautiful nonetheless.

MP3: "Half In Love With Elizabeth" (Delorean Remix) - Mystery Jets

// Nacho Alegre //


Audio Student said...

holy shit. this is a jam.

you've already posted about the 3 artists i've been feeling THEMOST this summer (magistrates/friendlyfires/passionpit) and now you drop a mysteryjets jam (which i totes agree on you, they have soooo many jams and worthwhile remixs its ridic)

ill be looking forward to what ya'll ahve up your sleeves in the weeks to come <3

Rob S. said...

this remix has really grown on me, from kind of blah to kind of amazing. any chance you've got the "Disco Elizabeth" mix of this song?

Anonymous said...

this is quality keep it up !!!!

Anonymous said...

wow nacho no sabía que bloggeabas también! qué guay!