Monday, October 20, 2008


Back in the city and ready for CMJ 2008, the hiatus is over. In our absence we missed the opportunity to break the oven fresh video for “Sleepyhead”, created on a criminally small budget by the stupidly talented folks over at the Wilderness Inc. Practically shot and painstakingly put together with photographs and real objects (read: not on a computer), we think it’s one of the best videos of the year and is wholly deserving of your attention and praise. View above or go here to download the video for repeat viewings.

The guys are in town for CMJ this week, and they’re playing all kinds of shows over the next few days. We’ll be at most of their sets, but we’re especially pumped for their co-headlining gig with Little Boots Thursday night at the NME party. See you there:

10|21 /// Brooklyn Vegan Showcase [Music Hall of Williamsburg, 10 PM]
10|23 /// Fader Party [Fader Fort NYC, 4:30 PM]
10|23 /// The Annex Club [NME Party, 9:30 PM]
10|24 /// Planetary Group Party [Pianos, 4 PM]
10|25 /// After The Jump Party [The Yard, 6 PM]

US copies of the Sleepyhead 7” are nearly sold out, but there are still plenty of copies available at Puregroove in London, and there will be a few copies for sale at Other Music in NYC soon. The record is also now available for purchase in Japan from the following retailers: ARCH Records, Flake Records, Jet Set Records and Tokyo's vaunted Elevator Records store.

Finally, we’re all well familiar with “Sleepyhead” by now, and there’s been much speculation as to the source of that unplaceable vocal sample that gives the track its addicting backbone. No, it’s not some lost 80’s pop gem or a Kanye-inspired chipmunk soul thing, rather it’s lovingly lifted from a traditional Irish folk song called “Óró Mo Bháidín”, sung in Gaelic by Mary O’Hara in the 60’s. Seriously. So yeah, you already thought it was a brilliant tune, but realizing that one of the year’s most unstoppable pop behemoths was born from a simple harp-and-vocal track sung in fucking Gaelic truly boggles the mind. Yep.

MP3: “Oro Mo Bahaidan” – Mary O’Hara

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Nicky said...

yeah the video is actually rediculously sweet

Alc. said...

Please sell more 7 inch of "sleepyhead" in Japan
I missed to buy

Anonymous said...

i learned that song as a kid in school, it still rules!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

it is all about keeping it real =]