Friday, October 10, 2008


The fine young men of Holy Fuck and Foals have joined forces and are currently in the midst of a lengthy tour of the UK, and as is often the case when brilliant minds meet, they’ve produced something a bit special. Limited to only 500 copies and currently available for purchase in the rather excellent Young Turks Shop (where you’d also to do well to pick up one of their awesome t-shirts) is the progeny of an on-the-fly recording session in which each band chose a song from the other’s catalogue to cover and apply to a 12” slab of vinyl. Being the kind souls that they are, those handsome Young Turks have also made the tracks available for free download (in lossless format, no less) over on that blog of theirs, which should probably be in your bookmarks if its not already. Holy Fuck’s inspired take on “Balloons” is below, and make sure to run along and fetch Foals’ version of “Super Inuit” as well.

MP3: “Balloons” – Holy Fuck

// Philip Bernaerts //


Anonymous said...

I've never been too fond of both Holy Fuck and Foals, but these to tracks are surprisingly good. Might even buy that 12".

Anonymous said...

i thought it was

we fly balloons on this FUEL called love.