Monday, November 17, 2008


Our friends over at Finger On The Pulse and Palms Out Sounds have just announced their next No Big Deal party, this time with our very own Passion Pit headlining (their last NYC show of 2008!) and DJ support from Etan and Red Foxxx. It's all going down at the amazing Glasslands, the coolest new venue in NYC, and to celebrate their holding a remix contest for everyone's favorite "bass-heavy Cristal bath" and jam of the year frontrunner, "Sleepyhead". Grab the parts here and do your thing.

You've got until December 2nd to piece together your masterpiece, but it's gonna be hard to top the efforts already put forth by up-and-coming producers Landau and Bo Flex. We've already touted the Landau bros' interpretation here, but its the Bo Flex treatment that's the real freshness. Bo Flex Music is the production imprint launched this autumn by Passion Pit synth man Ayad Al-Adhamy, and it's off to an amazing start with Bo Flex heroes Giantess set to deliver their debut EP by the end of the month. Look for more noise out of the Bo Flex camp in the months to come, but for now Ayad and Karl from Giantess have teamed up to drop an absolutely immense rework that'll blow your speakers and then come back round to steal your girl. Huge.

MP3: "Sleepyhead" (Bo Flex Remix ft. Giantess) - Passion Pit ((exclusive))

// Scott Hansen //


Anonymous said...

so much better than the original

Anonymous said...

this is amazing but there are few things in the world better than the original

Anonymous said...

i dunno if its better than the original, but it is great. I am loving passion pit at the moment.