Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We hinted at a brilliant remix of Cut Copy's new single "Far Away" coming down the pipeline courtesy of The Golden Filter a few weeks back, and now they've gone ahead and brought it forth to the masses. Keeping the blueprint of the original largely intact, they inject it with their churning synth style and elevate it to new heights of baller. If the duo can consistently bring heat like this on future reworks you can fully expect them to be all over the remix game in the months to come.

MP3: "Far Away" (The Golden Filter Remix) - Cut Copy

In other news, we've decided to bite the bullet and join the Twitter party, so feel to get all up in our tweetspace here.

// Through The Golden Filter //


SamirNKapadia said...

that is sickk

Anonymous said...

I just starting following you on twitter. Great posts!!