Monday, February 9, 2009


So our second Neon Gold party went down at The Delancey on Friday and we kind of forgot to tell you about it. We had an absurdly busy week hence the epic fail in the promotion department, but the place was filled to max capacity and both performers killed it so it was a moot point really. Apologies to any NYC-based readers who would have been down to attend though, we won't let you down again. Our bad.

To recap though, Brooklyn's finest and frequent Theophilus London collaborators Body Language rocked shit with their soulful mix of party hits and babymakin' jams. An epic cover of Kraftwerk's "Computer Love" and brand new jam "Holiday" killed it, but it was set opener and live favorite "Huffy Ten Speed" that brilliantly set the tone for the whole night.

MP3: "Huffy Ten Speed" - Body Language [exclusive]

Giantess were back for another round at Neon Gold, this time as the main event and they didn't disappoint as A&Rs in attendance from both sides of the Atlantic nodded approvingly and kids up front lost their shit. There were a few sound issues, but it's still early days (this was only their sixth ever show) and there's always bound to be a few complications when a band's live set up involves more wires, electronics and computers than an IBM commercial. Future single tracks "Tuff 'n Stuff" and "You Were Young" slayed as usual, as did new standout "Endless Highway". As one commenter pointed out last week, Giantess are driving the bus to the stars and you better get a seat while you still can.

MP3: "You Were Young" - Giantess [exclusive]

Incriminating photographic evidence here courtesy of all around bad ass and official afterparty host Scott Marceau. In other news, the second installment of our hot tips for '09 series drops Wednesday. Stick around.


Anonymous said...

shit i would have been there in a second. weak!

Anonymous said...

body language track is a lot of fun!

WillHungover said...

dude...i failed and missed this...dammit.

Anonymous said...

Am I going crazy or did the post above this disappear?

Anonymous said...

yeah why did you take it down, D? you've taken away 1/2 your reasons not to end it all this year....dark.

Anonymous said...

no it definitly did disappear. not sure why. its saddens me

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I read part two of the 'ones to watch' (no detroit social club, the xx and the love language though - why not?!) but it's been gone for over a week now. I thought I was going mad or something :-S

Kat x