Monday, March 2, 2009


It's no secret Chess Club have the London folk scene on lock 24/7, so it should come as no surprise to find a band like Ex Lovers sporting their badge in the vinyl section of your favorite independent record store. Wistful sentiments and acoustic meanderings underpinned by playful boy-girl harmonies are the name of the game here, and while these ingredients aren't exactly groundbreaking, we're pretty smitten with the results. The band's debut single "Just A Silhouette" isn't quite breaking news (it dropped last December), but it's the exact kind of wintry pop that felt highly appropriate on our headphones as we braved the frosty abyss and navigated the snowed in ghost town that was downtown Manhattan this morning. We still can't feel our fingers but at least the soundtrack's nice.

MP3: "Just A Silhouette" - Ex Lovers

In other news, "I Am Not A Robot" is one of the more wonderful things you'll hear all week and demands your attention at the Marina & The Diamonds myspace, uh, now. Vocoder? Check. Strings? Check. Actual fucking human heartbeat? Check. New favorite band? Check.

// i.anton //


jehan said...

I'd say that chess club have got way more than the London folk scene locked down.

Neon Gold said...

well yeah, they've got pretty much everything on lock, but with this folk ish no one else even comes close.

Unknown said...

wow, lost yet another post already. whats up with that?

Anonymous said...

i LoVe rObOTs! But i do not love marina. straight up the worst thing i have ever heard in my 8 yr old life.