Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hot on the heels of our Great Escape blowout (which was AMAZING, by the way) we've got another big one lined up for this week in London. Their last show before returning home to the United States of Awesome, Yes Giantess are headlining this one with support from UK up-and-comers Flashguns and Egyptian Hip Hop, the latter of whom will be making their London live debut.

In addition to all the live action we've got an all-star line up of the DJs, with live sets from Wonky Pop, Chess Club, Transparent, Jam, Phresh Sex and Blue Flowers. And since it's celebrating the 21st birthday of the lady half of Neon Gold, this one's going to be recession-friendly with free entry and drinks specials galore. Bring your party pants and everyone you've ever met. Yes mate.

In other Yes Giantess news, "Tuff N Stuff" will be the lead track on Sisters, an amazing new compilation coming out on fresh to death French label Sister Phunk next month. For anyone who may have somehow forgotten, "Tuff" is one of the absolute biggest tunes of the last 12 months and a big reason our Boston dudes are sitting pretty as one of the hottest unsigned bands on the block. Here's a quick refresher for anyone looking for a good track with which to blow out their speakers this summer.

MP3: "Tuff N Stuff" - Yes Giantess


Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Loved the Yes Giantess shows I attended. (Those guys Mirrors are good as well).

Reviews can be found here


Brighton (Great Escape)

Jamie said...

Ah, damnit. This looks a much better plan than my current one of pub and Pro Evo. Oh well, bit too late notice now I fear, plus I'm still feeling a bit worse for wear after seeing Mumford & Sons last night.

Anyway, you seen the Cold War Kids interactive video? It's amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hello, musics & clothes there:


Jessica Kay said...

yessss maaate