Saturday, June 20, 2009


Here are the facts: Egyptian Hip Hop are high school kids from Manchester with the best band name ever and a knack for melody far beyond their years. They made their London live debut last month at our Neon Gold party at Catch and while it's still obviously very early days, these kids show an amazing amount of promise for the years to come. "Rad Pitt" is their lo-fi anthem, coming on like a shoutier version of The Cure, all cascading guitar rhythms and adolescent existentialism. They're churning out top notch demos left and right and being cared for by the lovely gentlemen of Hit Club (who are hosting some of those demos here), so you can and should expect big things from this lot.

MP3: "Rad Pitt" - Egytpian Hip Hop


Anonymous said...

like them a lot.. need more!
i'll push their!

Olivia said...

loves it!

Edith + Bernard said...

First fact is wrong were in college

e h h said...

we are in college nick americans have a different system rock