Wednesday, July 1, 2009


We first championed Your Twenties back in January in our hot tips for 2009 feature and now six months on we're thrilled to be bringing their sophomore single into the world on Neon Gold. Having cut his teeth in the London indie scene as the bassist and keyboardist in Metronomy, frontman Gabriel Stebbing has recently left to focus on the Twenties full time, and the results have been nothing short of brilliant. Debut single "Caught Wheel" dropped last fall to rapturous praise and quickly flew off the shelves and "Billionaires" - their next offering and first on Neon Gold - looks primed to do the same. Produced by the legendary Stephen Street (Blur, The Smiths), "Billionaires" soars on the wings of sunny ooh-ooh-oohs and big, driving guitars and sounds like the perfect soundtrack to a classic American summer. Your Twenties have discovered the formula for the feelgood anthem of the year and this is it.

MP3: "Billionaires" - Your Twenties

This perfect slice of breezy indie pop will be coming at you on 7" vinyl July 27th and is available for preorder now from the Neon Gold Shop and London's Puregroove Records. Limited to 500 copies and featuring some of the best artwork we've had yet done by the band themselves, this is a hot ticket and should look mighty fine on the mantle where you no doubt proudly display all your other Neon Gold releases. We're pretty sure this is the perfect summer single and we hope you'll agree.


jehan said...

this is gold006 no?

keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

oohh summer :-)

Unknown said...

Your Twenties have managed to soundtrack two of my summers now!