Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Visitor have arrived from a parallel universe where pop reigns supreme and synths will never go out of style, and they've brought with them a heavensent slice of stadium-sized dance pop as a token of peace and goodwill. Riding a monumental synth progression laid down by the gods themselves (or more accurately, Australian hitmakers Diamond Cut), "Los Feeling" sounds like The Killers on a dreamwave kick. They make their live debut at Gold Dust tonight and we'll be there with bells on. And given our beloved pop hero Erik Hassle is headlining, we suggest you do the same.

MP3: "Los Feeling" (Demo) - Visitor


Flashmen said...

How was visitor?! Any videos? :O

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Pelle Moeld said...

I will play this cut on my show p3 Lab on national swedish radio this wednesday september 2 at 9 PM.
Listen here

There will also be an interviw with Edinburghs coolest hip-hop act Young Fathers

/Pelle Moeld, host & producer, P3 Lab