Monday, September 21, 2009


The Sound of Arrows are pop geniuses. We've said it before and we'll say it again, in regards not only to their music, but the otherworldly aesthetic they've so thoroughly mastered in their art direction and music videos as well. The original video for "Into The Clouds" was already one of the year's best, but they've already gone and outdone themselves with its follow up, an absolutely brilliant video for the sublime Fear of Tigers remix that shines on the single's B-side.

Culled from footage from 1985's Explorers (starring a young Ethan Hawke) and 1986's The Boy Who Could Fly, the video is the perfect visual companion to the synth fireworks Fear of Tigers sets off throughout the track and the Hollywood ending that climaxes around the video's two and a half minute mark is one of the best things we've ever seen in a music video, period. Just another reason why Sound of Arrows are truly one of the most special bands in the world right now. The Into The Clouds 12" is available now from the Neon Gold Shop (US) and Puregroove (UK) and is going fast, so don't sleep.

MP3: "Into The Clouds" (Fear of Tigers Remix) - The Sound of Arrows [exclusive]


dollars and cents said...

My heart just swelled so much it just may explode. literally.

Anonymous said...

just so you know there was no actual video work done in this besides simple color correcting. the entire video is from old disney movies spliced together. that being said - it is a great song.

GVV said...

The credits are hilarious!