Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Having killed it on official Neon Gold remixes for The Sound of Arrows and Mille, London's Fear of Tigers is quickly becoming one of our favorite new electronic talents around, and now he's bringing forth more of the same hard-hitting, euphoric electro we've come to love him for on his debut album, Cossus Snufsigalonica.

Heavy on the samples and showcasing more of the next-level synth work that's become his trademark, the Tokyo-born, London-bred producer turns in a pretty stunning compilation of tracks on Cossus. Tracks like "I Can Make The Pain Disappear" and "What Did I Do?" fuck you up with big samples - especially that Robin Thicke one in "Disappear" - and even bigger synths, while instrumentals like "Study Hard Drugs School" showcase his knack for expressive electronic soundscapes and hooky pop melodies. Best of all, he's giving the whole album away for free, so enjoy a taster below or head over to Discodust where you can download the album from the free host of your choice. We're definitely trying to work with this dude in the future and will be unveiling his massive "Crysteena" remix next month, so keep an eye on this space if you like what you hear below.

MP3: "I Can Make The Pain Disappear" - Fear of Tigers


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UndercoverBrother said...

The link isn't currently working for me. It's like the mp3 isn't there anymore. I don't know. There is no music playing when it goes to the file page though.