Sunday, January 3, 2010


After a little holiday hiatus we're back and stronger than ever. 2009 was nothing short of amazing for us thanks to your support, and we hope you'll stay on board with us in 2010 as we take things to the next level. Look for us to graduate to full-length albums and broaden our horizons to include limited edition clothing releases, as well as keeping things moving on the 7" and 12" front with a batch of exciting new single releases from the likes of Monarchy, Penguin Prison, Yes Giantess and so much more.

Further info on all of that in the months to come, but for now we turn our eyes to two of the brightest prospects for pop music in 2010, our beloved Sound of Arrows and everyone's favorite guilty pleasure Alphabeat. Having jumped the sinking ship that is EMI, Alphabeat have found a new home on Universal and look set to build on the runaway success of their Gold-selling debut album. The Sound of Arrows roll into the new year on a swelling wave of hype (including Single of the Year honors from Popjustice) and a fully-loaded arsenal of pop smashes, and high expectations as the next great hope for Swedish pop. Their remix of Alphabeat's upcoming single "Hole In My Heart" (which is a little bit amazing in its own right) is a holy matrimony of Scandinavian pop bliss, as the duo take the massive original and somehow make it even more immense, all spiraling electronics and pulsing synths converging to establish The Sound of Arrows as one of the brightest new talents in the remix game. Thanks to Discodust for the tip.

MP3: "Hole In My Heart" (The Sound of Arrows Remix) - Alphabeat


kvnkim said...

hi! hopefully, no one hasn't said this before, so this might look dumb. but I'm a new blog reader and I love your content, but why don't you install a simple streampad or yahoo media player script that just pops up a lil player instead of having me download every mp3 to listen?

resources: or

it would really be useful for me! thanks.

CornerNoize said...

Kevin if you click on the link you can stream the song through your browser using Quicktime.

Oddtwang said...

Or, you could install something into your browser - I use Foxytunes with Firefox and it pops up its own little player when it finds links to mp3 files etc.

Anonymous said...