Saturday, March 27, 2010


So this was our go-to jam when spring first hit NYC last year and we've had this post in the works ever since, so figured we should just go ahead and get this out there. That said, there's not been much uncovered about Stockholm's mysterious Nottee in the intervening period since she first skipped across our radar way back when. We still know next to nothing about her - we're pretty sure she's related to one of the Lo-Fi-Fnk bros and we know she's got two stone cold jams in "Control" and "Young Modern Life", but that's about it - though she's just announced her debut shows outside of Scandinavia and recently posted a promising new demo to her myspace, so seems like things are starting to pick up for the Swedish chanteuse. But to be real with you, all we really care about is the fact that the sun is shining outside and "Control" sounds like a winning mix of "My Moon My Man" and that whole Lyyke Li record, and we're pretty down with that.

MP3: "Control" - Nottee


Little Steve said...

Ah I thought I'd heard this tune before, it's on the Kitsune 8 compilation, yet she's been called 'Notes' on it. Weird eh. Maybe she changed her name?

Anonymous said...

She's called Nottee on that one too.

Little Steve said...

must have a dodge copy, thanks ;)