Wednesday, March 3, 2010


We've had our mouths wired shut about but this one for a few months now, but now that word seems to be out we might as well join the party. This whole lo-fi renaissance is hardly our favorite thing going on in music right now, but then a rough gem like Oberhofer comes along and all is well in the world again. We saw the rough beginnings of his live show last December, and then again last month playing with Keepaway at Webster Studio, where he blew us away with the leaps and bounds of progress he'd made in barely two months time. Then there's the fact that his handmade 7-track EP hasn't left the office stereo for months and it's safe to say we're pretty way into this. "I Could Go" is our favorite track of the bunch, but "Away Frm U" is the clear-cut single here, combining all the best bits of Modest Mouse and Animal Collective while the 19 year old Tacoma native yelps and strums his way to 4ish minutes of lo-fi pop brilliance. Special stuff, this Oberhofer.

MP3: "Away Frm U" - Oberhofer


St Adam said...

I'm with you - the odd gem such as Sleigh Bells "Ring Ring" and Best Coast's "When I'm with you" but other than that the whole lo-fi thing is never going to be great no matter how much Gorilla vs Bear tries to make out like its all the world is listening to. This does the job and little more.

Jman said...

wow, good stuff